Game of Thrones is one of the bloodiest shows on television. So it is fitting that HBO and the Red Cross have teamed up to give some blood back to those in need. They are running an enormous, world-wide blood drive over six days (March 7 to 12). It is called Bleed for the Throne, and it happens to coincide with an immersive experience at SXSW this year. 

Though you may not sit on the iron throne as a result of giving blood, you could get something more than life-saving out of it. The SXSW festival in Austin will be giving fans an “immersive blood drive” experience from March 7 – 9. The experience will be held at Fair Market (1100 E. 5th Street).  

After giving blood, donors will have the opportunity to “walk in the steps of the characters that have bled for the throne.” Though we don’t totally know what that means, we do know that fans will be asked to “prove their devotion” and that “Those who earn an audience before the Iron Throne will be recognized and rewarded for their bravery.” Hmm. I’m in. 

If you’re not in Austin for SXSW, don’t worry! If you donate anywhere between March 7 and March 12, you get a t-shirt. It’s got a blood spatter in the shape of the iron throne on it, and it’s awesome. Hmm. I’m in.

t-shirt with the image of blood spatter in the shape of the iron throne

There is also a sweepstakes afoot. If you donate before March 17, you can win one of five trips to attend the Game of Thrones season 8 red carpet premiere! That would give you travel for two, up to two nights in a hotel and $250 to spend. Hmm. I’m in. 

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Bleed for the Throne will take place all over the United States and in countries like Norway, Sweden, South Africa, Kenya, Ghana, Botswana, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Greece and Croatia. That’s according to To launch the initiative, HBO released a pretty awesome trailer for Bleed for the Throne where you see how your favorite characters have given blood toward that cause. 

 Is there no downside? No. There is no downside!  

To find a location and make an appointment to Bleed for the Throne click here. And, do it fast. They’re expecting people to flood the blood banks like a Dothraki hoard. 

Let’s spill some blood! 



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