There are reportedly five Game of Thrones projects currently in the works, in anticipation of the end of the original series on HBO.  It looks like HBO is the first to jump head-long back into Westeros and beyond with a prequel series from writer Jane Goldman

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The Jane Goldman project has been given a pilot order by HBO, and takes place in the distant past.  According to Variety, the show focuses on a time, “thousands of years before the events of “Game of Thrones,” Goldman’s series chronicles the world’s descent from the golden Age of Heroes into its darkest hour.”  That’s pretty exciting for fans of the world of George R.R. Martin‘s books.  I want to learn all about Old Valyria, the first men, the walkers, the winters of old and the origins of the ancient families that we’ve come to know and love like the Starks and the Targaryens.  Bring. It. On. 

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George R.R. Martin co-created the project with Goldman. They wrote the story together. Goldman wrote the teleplay and will be showrunner. According to Martin, all of the GoT projects are prequels in some way. None of the current cast members will be involved, and none are about Robert’s rebellion, as many fans have postulated.  

We don’t know when we’ll get to see this prequel, but season 8 is in the works and expected to hit our TV screens in the summer of 2019. Hold on tight. The night is dark and full of terrors. 



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