It may not be a specific date, but we finally know the month when Game of Thrones final season will premiere. The announcement was made on the Game of Thrones twitter account. The tweet features footage from past seasons that sets the stage for what’s to come. 

April 2019.  That gives fan five months to prepare for the final six episodes.  According to Entertainment Weekly, HBO will be releasing posters later today highlighting key moments in the lives of the main characters. The posters and the announcement are part of the final campaign for the show.  HBO is using the hastag #FortheThrone as the campaign theme.  HBO is also planning a takeover of Grand Central Station that will feature 150 variants of the #FortheThrone theme.  As far as the synopsis, details about the season are still under wraps.  

My questions is, are six episodes enough to finish so many unsettled storylines?  The war with the white walkers, the continuing war for the throne, the Targaryen-Snow-Stark family drama…there’s so much to wrap up!  I have faith and I’m so excited!

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