Stranger Things 2 fast approaches. The final trailer for season 2 was released Friday, and it looks like this time, Hawkins, Indiana is prepared to fight.  

This trailer starts on Eleven picking up food from a bear box in the woods. We can assume it’s Hopper that still leaving her food. But, it’s snowing. And, we immediately go to Halloween, when we know season 2 picks up, so it’s possible that Eleven doesn’t show up for the first episodes of season 2, or that we’re playing with timeline.  

It’s pretty exciting to see the extent to which our favorite characters, and some new ones, are willing to fight. There’s a lot of fight left in Hawkins, and this time they’re ready. This trailer is full of weapons. The threat is bigger, and so must be the resistance. There is apparently a tunnel that leads to the upside down. We can assume it must be closed or destroyed and that there will be a fair amount of action in and around it.

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We see Eleven running from something in the woods, and then undoing a door chain with her mind. Her signature rage and power fed nosebleed is featured as she stands her ground, clearly she’s coming for someone. Is it Matthew Modine? Could it be that easy?  

The most interesting tidbit is in the dialogue.  One of the boys says “Maybe all of this is happening for a reason”. Very intriguing! Is it Will Byers that is the reason? Is it Eleven? Is it Hawkins itself? Or, is there some reason that we haven’t been keyed into yet? If there is a reason, I am SO excited to hear about what it might be!

The good news is we only have to wait two weeks until Stranger Things 2 is released.  It premieres on Netflix October 27th. 

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