Marvel’s Hawkeye on Disney Plus was an absolute treat for MCU lovers. Alas, the series’ freshman season ended as soon as it began as there were only six episodes. Fans have since been wallowing in a show hole and thankfully, help arrive today. Marvel Entertainment released a behind-the-scenes video that focuses on a fan favorite. It’s not Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld), not Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and not even the show’s much loved LARPers. It’s Pizza Dog!

The featurette shares some fun facts about Lucky the Pizza Dog. She’s played by a golden retriever named Jolt who indeed loves pizza. What’s most interesting is that Jolt performed all her stunts and she actually has two working eyes which were changed with VFX. The team added layers of visual effects to create Lucky’s signature wink so she didn’t have to wear any dots or tape on set.

In the short video, VFX supervisor Greg Steele says that “Lucky was 100% the real dog at all times. We didn’t have a CGI stand-in… She was able to pull everything off.”  

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Find out more about how Jolt became Lucky the Pizza Dog in the video below. Spoiler alert – She’s adorable. 

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