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UPDATE #2: Hasbro now says they will add Rey to future Star Wars Monopoly sets. Read more about the statement here. 


UPDATE: Hasbro’s response to Legion of Leia founder, Jenna Busch, about the controversy can be found at the bottom of this post. Hint – It’s pathetic.

Also, this Monopoly game isn’t specifically called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s moniker is ‘Star Wars Monopoly’.  The game was put out right before Episode VII was released along with all the other TFA toys that came out so the fact it doesn’t say “The Force Awakens” is a weak argument. Hasbro still chose 2 characters from TFA and neither of them were Rey.


star-wars-hasbro-targetThere has been much uproar over the fact that Rey, THE MAIN CHARACTER, in Star Wars: The Force Awakens has not been equally represented in toys from the film. The uproar has been well documented. Type in #WheresRey in your Google search bar and then put your seat belt on. For example, Rey (once again, THE MAIN CHARACTER) is missing from Target’s exclusive collector’s set from Hasbro. Instead we see a First Order pilot and a First Order Stormtrooper. Rey is missing from shirts which feature other principal and not so principal characters – which are all male. Television writer Jose Molina tweeted this last week and this is months after the outcry over #WheresRey began and also, weeks after the film was released. Hey guess, what? The secret’s out of the bag. We know who Rey is.

Now, here we go again because Hasbro’s Star Wars Monopoly game does not include Rey as a figure that you can play. This makes absolutely no sense. There’s absolutely no argument for this one. None. At. All. This Monopoly features Finn, Kylo Ren, Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as characters you can play. Wait, what? Darth Vader? He’s not even in the film! Heck, put Han Solo or Leia before you put Darth Vader. They had substantial roles in the film. More importantly, put Rey in the set before any of the aforementioned characters. I mentioned that she’s THE MAIN CHARACTER, didn’t I?

The argument can be made that they chose characters from more than one movie — but that argument would be lost. Why put Finn in the set before Rey? Even Kylo Ren. Rey play a much more substantial role than both of them in Episode VII.

This really has to be the last straw. Enough is enough. I’m at a loss at what to write here except a colossal What the F*ck, Hasbro! What is wrong with you? How can you have such a colossal lack of awareness. Shame on you.

I’m waving the battle flag, nerds. This IS gender discrimination. Get on your Internet machines and start DEMANDING #WheresRey be equally (if not more) represented in all collectables, clothing, games and toys. Who’s responsible for this omission? Hasbro? Disney? Let’s find out!

May the Force be with you.




Legion of Leia founder and GGA friend, Jenna Busch was the first to coin the #WheresRey hashtag. Hasbro responded to her Monopoly post with this statement via twitter:

Sorry Hasbro. That doesn’t cut it. I’m sure that’s part of your corporate answer you’ve had in your pocket and that your giving to everyone right now. But here’s the thing, Rey was featured front and center on the poster and in numerous trailers not to mention Daisy Ridley (who plays Rey) was a main part of the press tour so there was no secret to her being a big part of the film. Also, she can be a Monopoly figure without fans knowing she was to take on Kylo Ren. Seriously, pray tell, how would Monopoly players gather that they were to go up against each other? The same way we knew the original Monopoly Thimble and Shoe were mortal enemies? Exactly.

Once again, Hasbro and Disney – sort this out. This is shameful and to be quite honest, hurtful to the female fans that so love this saga and were touched deeply by a lead female protagonist.

GGA friend Alan Kistler has my favorite response to the Hasbro statement:

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