James Corden’s  latest Crosswalk the Musical became Crosswalk the Concert when Harry Styles showed up.

As with every edition of The Late Late Show with James Corden’s Crosswalk the Musical, the set-up is perfect, the guest star is 100% down with the bit and James Corden is on fire. Harry Styles has a wonderful, dry sense of humor about the whole thing and goes along for the ride delightfully (and literally).

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In the hilarious video, Corden convinces Harry, more like bulldozes him, into performing in the middle of the crosswalk. They proceed to hand out flyers for the show in traffic even though some have Justin Beiber’s face on them. And then the concert and ridiculousness begins. There’s dancers, “guitar players”, pyrotechnics and a bit of stunt work from Harry Styles himself. Enjoy!

Audrey Kearns