The concept of magic is not only fun but almost torturous as we wish we could use it. Can you imagine laying on your bed and having chips coming to you without moving? Come on! But besides just being lazy, they could improve efficiency in your life. So, from the useful to the playful, here are 20 spells we wish we could use in our everyday lives.


20. Aguamenti – a spell that produces a fountain or jet of water from your wand’s tip.

Now, maybe I’m saying this because I’m thirsty at the moment but think of it. It’s a hot summer’s day, there’s no one around to sell water. What can you do? Oh that’s right, get free water in your face. Sure, it’ll look strange to people but who cares? You have water!

19. Muffliato – a spell that produces buzzing in peoples’ ears to keep them from hearing conversation.

We all know the feeling of talking about personal things in public. It can be embarrassing. At the very least, it’s things you don’t want people to know. How amazing would it be to block people from hearing what you’re saying? Truly! Especially keeping things from gossip hounds, right?

18. Sonorus  a spell that amplifies the caster’s voice when a wand tip is against the neck

Are you across the house and want someone to come into the room? Stick your wand at your throat and whammo! They can hear you! Though it wouldn’t be ideal for apartments at night. Might get a few complaints.

17. Brackium Emendo – a spell that heals broken bones

You wouldn’t have to go to the emergency room for a broken bone ever again! Think of all the money you would save. And just the pain of limiting your mobility. All of it would be gone.

16. Homenum Revelio – a spell that reveals humans in the caster’s vicinity

Think your little sibling is spying on you? Now you can prove it! Want to be sure no one walks in on you? Check it beforehand. This would just be a fun spell to mess with, honestly.

15. Locomotor – a spell that moves objects to the caster’s will

So you have a heavy bookcase filled with a ton of Harry Potter books but you want to move it across the room. Done-zo. Locomotor bookshelf and that thing is going for a smooth ride. So long as you don’t flick it across the room, of course.

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14. Vulnera Sanentur – a spell that heals wounds and gashes and returns blood to the victim

I can’t even begin to imagine how many lives would be saved with this spell. How many unfortunate accidents would be a fading memory. Excellent spell for everyone.

13. Immobulus – a spell that makes living targets freeze in place

This spell probably wouldn’t be used for nice things. But I can think of how easy it would be to clip my cat’s nails with this spell. Though I feel anyone or anything would be very mad you used this one on them.

12. Obliviate – a spell used to block a memory or event

This would be helpful in so many ways, that I’m sure you’re thinking of some right now. Whether it would be on yourself on someone else. Handy for embarrassing situations.

11. Alohamora/Colloportus – spells used to unlock and lock doors

In a rush and can’t find your keys? One of these will help you out. Though we can only hope people will also get chain locks and alarm systems because burglars will have WAY too much fun with this.

10. Arania Exumai – a spell that repels arachnids

If you’re like me, spiders are one of the scariest things ever. I mean, we need them, but also, I don’t want to see them. Especially in my house. Instead of squealing like a child and not being able to kill it, I could squeal like a child and blast it to hell. I need it.

9. Legilimens – a spell that let’s the caster see into the victim’s mind for thoughts, memories and emotions

Another dangerous spell but one that could be used fairly. Having trouble trusting someone at their word? Take a dive. Just want to feel what your friend is feeling? Absorb their feelings. While dangerous in the wrong hands, it would create a lot of honesty between people.

8. Expelliarmis – a spell used to disarm your opponent

One that you would hope to not use often, this spell could be very helpful. Someone at work flinging rubber bands at you? No more! Mostly, I just want to see some paper go flying…

7. Lumos/Nox – a spell that creates a light and puts out the light

The usefulness of this spell makes me want to leap. If it’s too dark and you need a boost of light, it’s there for you. There’s different intensities for people to use and Nox will put them all out.

6. Incendio – a spell used to create fire

Whether it’s for your candle at home or your barn-burner in the yard, this spell is useful. Of course you might still need kindling to get the fire continuing to burn. But soggy matches and empty lighters are nothing when you have flames on the go.

5. Expecto Patronum – a spell that creates a guardian to protect you against dark creatures

Now, we don’t come across dementors very often. Though the spell is mostly used for physical protection, it would be nice to have a guardian. While it would be hard to form when there’s nothing but sadness for you, if you did create it, it would be a reminder of the good there is out there. Not to mention the happiness in your life. But also, I want to know for certain what my Patronus would be. I’m thinking mine’s a panda…

4. Silencio – a spell that makes something silent

My goodness. I’m afraid I would abuse this one far too often. We know it can be used on humans and animals, but maybe it could silence a rattling air conditioner? Maybe an annoying squeaky chair? Yes, this one would be used a lot.

3. Scourgify – a spell used to clean things

This would make life infinitely better. Think of all the time you put into cleaning your house. Now think of it being done in a minute. Case closed. Perfect spell.

2. Reparo – a spell used to repair things

Unfortunately repair-men will be out of a job but yes! to! this! There’s so many things people break all the time. And to have it repair itself would be beyond helpful. Not to mention more money saved. 

1. Accio – a spell used to summon things

This spell would make me the laziest person in the world. To be fair, it would be helpful when you can’t find things. Like keys or your glasses, the darn TV remote. It would bring things to you faster than you can move. One that we all need.


And those are just 20 of the amazing spells we’d want to be able to use in everyday life. Is there one you think you’d use and we haven’t mentioned? Let us know! There’s so many to chose from. 

Erin Lynch