Harley Quinn Season 4 ended a few days ago, but what an exciting finale it was. It planted delightful narrative seeds for a potential fifth season. Unfortunately, Max hasn’t greenlit Season 5 yet. In an interview with Inverse at SDCC 2023, supervising producer Cecilia Aranovich Hamilton revealed she’s just as in the dark as we are. And with James Gunn and Peter Safran in the process of shaking up the DC slate, who knows whether our fave raunchy, irreverent animated comedy will return? Here’s what she had to tell Inverse:

“Well, we don’t really know at this point. Nothing has been communicated directly to us. As far as we know, he [Gunn] likes the show. You know, he was in it. [laughs] So we assume he’s a fan of the show. We don’t know exactly where we’re going to go from here.”

Harley wears her Bat Fam uniform while standing on top of a truck with her arms crossed as Ivy looks back at her in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 7, "The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 7, “The Most Culturally Impactful Film Franchise of All Time.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Despite the uncertainty, I’ve compiled a list of 10 things I hope to see in a potential Season 5. Let’s manifest the sh*t out of this, folks. Spoilers lie ahead for Season 4, so proceed at your peril. 

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Gotham City Sirens Tearing It Up With Barbara 

The Season 4 finale laid the groundwork for Gotham City Sirens, with Harley (Kaley Cuoco), Ivy (Lake Bell), Catwoman (Sanaa Lathan) and Barbara Gordon (Briana Cuoco) meeting at the cemetery to discover someone robbed Nightwing’s grave. Presumably, that’ll be the first mystery this group solves in Season 5. Of course, they’ll soon learn that Nightwing (Harvey Guillén) is alive, no thanks to Talia al Ghul’s (Aline Elasmar) dabbling in necromancy. 

I’d love to see this crew tearing it up in Gotham with Barbara. Perhaps not as a black-and-white villain team, but having them commit socially and environmentally-conscious crimes as per Ivy’s vision. 

More Clayface, King Shark and Dr. Psycho

This past season had some highs and lows, and I’d argue that the reduced presence of Clayface (Alan Tudyk), King Shark (Ron Funches) and Dr. Psycho (Tony Hale) falls into the latter camp. Maybe it’s the nostalgia talking, but I miss the original group from the first few seasons. I’m not saying they need to reunite; however, bringing the aforementioned trio into more adventures in Season 5 wouldn’t hurt.

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Clayface could return to Gotham after his Vegas residency and attempt to find work close to home. We can peek behind the curtain at King Shark’s day-to-day life as a single dad raising eight shark babies. Perhaps Psycho’s podcast really takes off, and he interviews a now-resurrected Nightwing as one of his big guest spots. 

Harley and Nightwing stand in the Batcave while having a serious conversation in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 5, "Getting Ice Dick, Don't Wait Up."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 5, “Getting Ice Dick, Don’t Wait Up.” Photo courtesy of Max/Warner Bros. Discovery.

Talia Becoming a Real Adversary for Ivy and Harley 

We toyed with the idea of Talia being a roadblock for Ivy. Season 4 certainly mined the depths of their complex relationship. However, I hope Season 5 makes them proper adversaries. Raising Nightwing from the dead is Talia’s way of retaliating against Ivy for bombing her establishment with Lex Luthor’s (Giancarlo Esposito) laser. (I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of Lex, either.) Now that the first domino has fallen, the cat-and-mouse game between these two can officially begin. 

Talia would be a worthy opponent for anyone, while no one should sleep on Ivy’s ability to get what she wants. Imagine the vicious back-and-forth between them. It would give Ivy a fun arc, to be sure. 

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Nightwing Trying to Get Revenge Against Harley 

This one is a given. We’ll undoubtedly see Nightwing hellbent on seeking revenge against Harley for murdering him, even if she was in a sleepwalking stupor. Plus, there’s the change his resurrection courtesy of Talia imbued him with a new, uniquely Nightwing skillset. If anything, his overwhelming thirst for vengeance (and that ass) will make him a formidable foe for our Harley. 

Batman Attempting to Reunite the Bat Fam 

In the Season 4 finale, Bruce Wayne/Batman (Diedrich Bader) saw Gotham on fire and expedited his sentence at Blackgate. Now that he’s in the real world again, I can picture Batman trying to reunite the Bat Fam. But Barbara made it clear in “Killer’s Block” that she doesn’t want to return to the group, while Nightwing’s revenge precedes fighting crime. So, that leaves Robin (Jacob Tremblay). That’s not much of a crime-busting family, is it? 

Bruce might even despise Harley and pin the blame on her for destroying the Bat Family. Conflict between him and Harley could be an intriguing narrative angle to pursue. 

Bane sits on a red motorbike while riding through the Italian countryside in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 8, "Il Buffone."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 8, “Il Buffone.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Alfred Spending All Season Endeavoring to Escape Blackgate 

Remember when Alfred (Tom Hollander) spent all of Season 4 attempting to gain access to Blackgate to be reunited with Master Wayne, only for the latter to leave prison early? Ah, comedy. I see Alfred switching gears in Season 5 as he tries to break out of Blackgate. Of course, there’s the possibility his efforts will be futile, but it’ll be fun to watch regardless. 

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Bane Finding Love With Nora 

My boy Bane (James Adomian) needs love, y’all. He set his sights on Nora (Rachel Dratch) in Season 4; let’s make them a thing in Season 5. They’d be a cute couple. Bane could take Nora to Italy to meet Mama Nacaroni. He could teach her how to make pasta from scratch. Maybe they’ll start a rival Italian restaurant that’ll be steep competition for Mama Macaroni. The storytelling possibilities are endless. 

Ivy Retaliating Against Clayface 

Bane headbutted Ivy on TV on behalf of Clayface. However, we haven’t seen Ivy formulate a plan to get back at Clayface with the world in peril. I want her to retaliate against Clayface in Season 5. I like the idea of their rivalry consisting of harmless attacks — nothing that’s life-threatening. Bring on more headbutts and fights in Vegas hotels.

Harley stands over Joker, who's tied to a tree, while blood splatters are on the grass around them and a hyena exhibit is behind them in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 10, "Killer's Block."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 10, “Killer’s Block.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Joker Wreaking Absolute Havoc 

Now that Joker’s (Tudyk) back, baby, let’s make him an infamous Gotham criminal again. I think it’d be fun to have his overarching Harley Quinn story consist of him incessantly ping-ponging between good and evil. Maybe one season, he tries to be an upstanding citizen and give back to the community; the following season, he eradicates it. Joker just can’t decide if he wants to be a hero or a villain, plunging him further into indecision, while Harley finally has a concrete idea of where she falls on that spectrum. 

Gordon (Christopher Meloni) might spend Season 5 pursuing him after torturing him A24-horror-movie-style. Let’s give Gordon something to do. 

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Harley and Ivy Taking the Next Step in Their Relationship 

Do we hear wedding bells chime for Harlivy? Perhaps. We know they’ll be together forever, regardless. Marriage isn’t their end goal, but I wouldn’t say “no” to a lavish, balls-to-the-wall Harlivy wedding. Or maybe they’ll consider having a baby. Sure, they destroyed Gotham’s dystopian future where they have a child; however, that doesn’t mean offspring is off the table. If anything, their conversation in “Killer’s Block” implies they’re considering it. 

If they don’t choose a surrogate to carry their child, I love the idea of Harley being pregnant. The comedic chaos that would ensue would be legendary. Even if none of the above transpires, I’d like to see them grow even closer after enduring relationship turbulence in Season 4. 

Harley and Ivy stand in the streets of Gotham while looking shocked in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 8, "Il Buffone."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 8, “Il Buffone.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

What do you hope to see in Harley Quinn Season 5? Sound off in the comments below! 

Harley Quinn Seasons 1 through 4 are now streaming on Max

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