DISCLAIMER: This recap of Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6, “Metamorphosis,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, Harlivy lovers! “Metamorphosis” certainly marks a transformation in one half of Harlivy. Ivy really grinds my gears in this episode, y’all. I know it’s part of her Season 4 arc, and she’ll eventually learn a hard lesson that forces her to self-reflect, but still. We’ll see the old Ivy again … right? 

That said, it creates an entertaining conflict between Harley and Ivy that the writers have been methodically crafting since the season premiere. Thankfully, the creative team doesn’t plan on breaking up Harlivy, so we can sit back and enjoy the drama. On another note, Joker returning to villainy feels inevitable, but it’s still fun all the same. I’m sad we’ll never see Nightwing’s bouncy booty again. RIP. 

Ready to delve into “Metamorphosis”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Nightwing’s funeral. Naturally, a perfectly sculpted bubble butt adorns his casket. Harley (Kaley Cuoco) delivers a eulogy that’s broadcasted live. We see DC heroes present, including Superman, The Flash, Wonder Woman, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, Aquaman, Green Lantern, Zatanna, Batgirl (Briana Cuoco) and Robin (Jacob Tremblay).

Alfred (Tom Hollander) also joins the group in his orange prison jumpsuit. Harley tries to raise donations so they can buy the rights to a Linkin Park song to perform, but her efforts are futile. On that same note, her attempts at getting Batgirl to offer a few words for their friend also crash and burn. 

Harley stands at a podium while talking into a microphone on a news broadcast in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6, "Metamorphosis."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 6, “Metamorphosis.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

After the funeral group disperses, Harley reunites with Alfred. He reveals he’s very close to moving into the same prison as Bruce Wayne. Suddenly, Toyman (Hollander) busts through the pho food truck (“Gone But Not Pho-Gotten”) on site. The Flash speeds in and saves the day, though. Harley and the Bat Fam wonder if Toyman is behind Nightwing’s murder. However, Toyman simply loathes pho. Pho is delicious, you villainous buffoon. 

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Our trio realizes they can no longer reside together at Wayne Manor. They already have targets on their backs. Whoever killed Nightwing is still out there. Robin surmises he’ll stay with his mom while Batgirl decides to move in with Alysia Yeoh full-time. Harls will return to her love, Ivy.

Speaking of Ivy (Lake Bell), we see our Legion of Doom SH-E-O at a spa with Talia al Ghul (Aline Elasmar), Veronica Cale (Edi Patterson) and Livewire (Elasmar). They’re all celebrating Nightwing’s demise. Ivy realizes she’ll have to make a public statement. Her comrades persuade her to gain access to her social media passwords. Why? Because she can’t rely on the Jons to be her voice. 

Ivy stands in a parking garage while smiling in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6, "Metamorphosis."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 6, “Metamorphosis.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Next, Joker (Alan Tudyk) pulls Bethany (Krizia Bajos), Benicio (James Corleto) and Sofia (Sammi Corona-Lampa) aside to reveal big news: he’s going back to crime! That’s right — Joker is ready to become a villain again. Surprisingly, his family supports him. Does this mean he’ll no longer be the mayor? Methinks he’ll go the way of “corrupt mayor.” 

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Then, Harley arrives at the apartment with her belongings (including her old outfit). Frank the Plant (J.B. Smoove) greets her. He reveals he was kicked out of the Legion of Doom. Oh, and Ivy’s changing for the worst. Harley decides to wait up for Ivy but falls asleep. Frank wakes her up, revealing she had a terrible sleepwalking episode. She ruined the TV, opened every door in the house and screamed, shaved the cat and stabbed all the pillows. Even worse, Ivy didn’t notice Harley was there; however, she did notice the domestic carnage. Weird. 

Later, Nora (Rachel Dratch) flirts with Captain Cold (Ben Levin). King Shark (Ron Funches) makes his grand entrance after maternity leave. He’s disappointed to discover there’s no daycare onsite. Not cool. He heads outside, where his eight shark children proceed to bite Gordon’s (Christopher Meloni) fingers after leaping out of a fountain. King Shark is trying desperately to strike that perfect work/life balance, but it’s tough when you’re a single father of eight kids. Gordon lends a hand and offers to teach our King how to be a working father. This is the duo I didn’t know I needed.  

Joker stands at the kitchen table while talking to his family, who sits under a spotlight, in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6, "Metamorphosis."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 6, “Metamorphosis.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Meanwhile, Ivy confronts the Jons (Paul W. Downs) regarding her social media presence. We learn that each Jon can spawn countless other Jons. Terrifying. The Jons rattle off Ivy’s next projects, including an Ivy doll with a too-realistic butthole and an Ivy-lookalike child pageant. Ivy tries to reject their ideas, but the Jons will get what they want … one way or another. 

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Harley reunites with Batgirl and Robin as they get assistance from Lucius Fox (Phil LaMarr) re: Nightwing’s murder. They learn Nightwing installed a tracker. What was he tracking? Talia sends disguised men to “kidnap” Robin and bring her to him. After he leaves, Batgirl claims Ivy is behind Nightwing’s death, and Harley refuses to see that because Ivy is her girlfriend. Harley denies Ivy’s involvement. Unfortunately, Lucius, Harley and Batgirl discover whatever Nightwing was tracking is at the Legion of Doom headquarters. Uh-oh. 

Ivy apologizes to Terra (Kerry Knupe), Volcana (Jeannie Tirado) and Tefe (Vico Ortiz) for failing them as a mentor. She vows to make it up to her Natural Disasters. However, she needs help with the Jons first. The quartet gathers in a parking garage to plan the Jons’ downfall. First, Ivy will go along with the Jons’ PR plans. She barges into the board room and agrees to judge the Ivy child pageant. She throws around generic marketing terms that make all of the Jons orgasm. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. 

Batgirl sits at a desk and glares at Harley, who wears her Bat Family costume, while Lucius Fox sits behind them in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6, "Metamorphosis."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 6, “Metamorphosis.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Meanwhile, Gordon shows King Shark the working father ropes. I need more scenes with these two. They are surprisingly sweet together. That night, Harley and Barbara (out of the Batgirl disguise) arrive at the Legion of Doom to track down whatever got Nightwing killed. They spot the Legion’s villains having a party celebrating Nightwing’s death. Classy. Then, Barbara and Harley find Gordon watching over King Shark’s shark babies. Barbara pulls out a buzzer that says “MN.” Gordon believes it’s for “Mama Nacaroni’s,” but it’s actually upside down — it’s really “NW” for “Nightwing.” 

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Harls ties up Barbara and places her near the bar before confronting Ivy herself. She spots Ivy chatting with the Natural Disasters. Harley asks Ivy, point blank, about her potential involvement in Nightwing’s murder. Ivy denies it, claiming Harley should know better than to assume she’d commit such an act. Ivy pushes Harley aside and tells her she must judge a child pageant. Gordon frees his daughter. The duo bickers whether it’s “Mama Macaroni’s” or “Mama Nacaroni’s.” Of course, we know it’s the former. 

Suddenly, Barbara explodes, getting into a physical fight with all the villains present. Harley watches in shock. Outside, one of the Jons introduces Ivy for the child pageant. We see a line of adorable girls dressed like Poison Ivy. Ivy puts them all down, claiming they’ll never be like her. The Natural Disasters are in the crowd, disguised as the press and security. Ivy’s behavior makes the Jons panic. She pushes them over the edge by introducing the unfinished Ivy doll with the overly realistic butthole to the public. That’s when she dumps them as her PR rep. 

Ivy wears a purple long-sleeved dress with her hair in a ponytail while standing on a stage and waving in Harley Quinn Season 4 Episode 6, "Metamorphosis."

HARLEY QUINN Season 4 Episode 6, “Metamorphosis.” Photo courtesy of Warner Bros. Discovery/Max.

Suddenly, the Jons morph into one giant Jon. Meanwhile, Barbara kicks all the villain ass inside the Legion of Doom while Harley defends her. Outside, Giant Jon grabs Ivy. Terra, Volcana and Tefe join forces to make their supervillain debut as the Natural Disasters. Ivy even introduces them to the crowd. Terra utilizes her powers to breathe life into the statue of Ivy. Then, the statue begins fighting Giant Jon. Volcana sets Giant Jon on fire while Tefe controls King Shark’s children, launching them inside Giant Jon so they can chew on his organs. Wicked. 

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Giant Jon destroys the Ivy statue. Thankfully, Ivy’s safe, thanks to her plant powers. Inevitably, Giant Jon dies because there are eight tiny sharks inside of him gnawing on his vitals. The girls participating in the pageant cheer Ivy on. She slowly warms to them. Ivy congratulates her mentees on a successful debut. 

Meanwhile, Barbara turns on Harley and starts beating the snot out of her. A mysterious figure interrupts their fight. We see it’s none other than Joker. Joker takes responsibility for killing Nightwing. That’s his thing — murdering members of the Bat Fam. He did this to tell the world he’s back, baby. He’s a baddie again. (Everyone, chant: Rum and Joker, Rum and Joker, Rum and Joker!) While everyone cheers, Harley looks at, well, herself, who winks and walks away. Is she dreaming? Is this an elaborate sleepwalking sesh? 

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All in all, “Metamorphosis” is one of the strongest episodes of Season 4 thus far. Sure, it’s been a bit all over the place, focus-wise, but this narrative brings Harley and Ivy together, and I think we’ll get more scenes with them again in the coming episodes. The only thing missing is Clayface. I’m going to get #WheresClayface trending on Twitter. Watch me. 

Will we see Clayface again? Will the Bat Fam retaliate against Joker for killing Nightwing? How does Harley feel about Ivy’s metamorphosis? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. 

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