From all of us at Geek Girl Authority and the crew at our Star Trek Podcast, Booze and Phasers, happy 50th anniversary Star Trek!

You have touched us and inspired us for decades. You brought us an understanding of tolerance, acceptance, community, imagination and discovery.

On a personal note, you are the connective tissue that brought my family together in front of the tv on a weekly basis and the reason why most of my friends, are my friends.

Here’s to 50 more!


So, five-card stud, nothing wild… and the sky’s the limit.

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Claudia Dolph

Claudia Dolph is a co-founder and senior contributor for Geek Girl Authority. She is also an actress, dancer, yogi, dog-mom, Dallas Cowboys fan, lover of tacos and queso (texmex style) and prefers mint mocha latte to pumpkin spice latte.
Claudia Dolph
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