I got my second playthrough of Hansa Teutonica (Big Box) in last weekend. Pegasus Spiele released the Big Box version of this euro in 2020 and I was able to grab a copy right before it went out of print. I thought it was equally good with 3 and 5 players with the appropriate maps, as it fostered good player interaction both times. I love the fact that there is very little luck and lots of strategy. I also like that after two plays I still really stink at it. 

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There are few games that I think about for days after I play them, wondering what I could have done better and planning strategies to try out next time. With Hansa Teutonica, I am obsessed! I cannot WAIT to play again. That’s usually the most complimentary statement a game can receive. I made videos of our playthrough and our post-game discussion so that others can bask in its tabletop glory. Thanks for watching, and keep nerding on! 



Recap and Review



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