Handbooker Helper is A New Short Form Series from Critical Role 

Interested in Dungeons and Dragons but maybe a little intimidated at just how much there is to know? Maybe you’re like me when I first started out, with a character sheet my DM handed me, without any real knowledge of what it meant—it might as well have been in hieroglyphs. Or perhaps you’re just trying something new in an upcoming game and could use some tips or reminders!

The minds behind Critical Role are here to help! Beginning Wednesday, August 29th, Handbooker Helper is bringing you five minutes of D&D knowledge each week, for new and experienced players alike. Each five-minute episode will feature cast members from Critical Role and some special guests as they explore some D&D basics. The Critical Role official website announced that the first topic will be the basics of polyhedral dice, with future episodes talking about spellcasting or what having advantage means.

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There’s a lot of people who have been introduced to Dungeons and Dragons through shows like Critical Role or Stranger Things, or, if you’re like my mom, even by your children, but sometimes picking up the Player’s Handbook is a little overwhelming. This promises to be a great place to start!

Catch Handbooker Helper on the Critical Role YouTube channel every Wednesday at 10AM Pacific Standard Time beginning August 29!


Lyndsi Anderson