It was announced today that the critically acclaimed musical, Hamiltonhas won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

Written by and starring the incredible, Lin-Manuel Miranda, it’s tells the story of Alexander Hamilton from immigrant to Secretary Treasury to his death by duel, at the hands of Aaron Burr. It’s a hip hop musical that uniquely tells this story of someone we really don’t know a whole lot about, but has the very American thread in that he came from nothing and turned his life around.  Only four other musicals have won the Pulitzer as it’s usually given to a play.

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Miranda tweeted today and if you’re a musical theater geek, you’ll love this:

Auditions for the tour are underway so if you aren’t able to make the Broadway show, you’ll be able to see it, locally, very soon.

Here’s a bit of history about the musical:

Congrats to the cast, crew and everyone involved with Hamilton!

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