When it seems like the country is going off the rails and our differences might do us in, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s electrifying masterpiece with ingeniously diverse casting, is balm for the soul. Being in a room full of people who seemed as hungry as I was for the hope and affirmation that this show delivers like a love bomb was so, so good. 

Wednesday was opening night for #Hamiltour at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, and the stars on stage had to work to outshine the stars in the audience. Through a miracle, I was also there. 

I’ve been looking forward to seeing Hamilton for a long time, but I was doubtful that it could live up to the hype. How could it possibly meet the expectations its phenomenal run has built up? 

Guys. Honestly. It blew the expectations out of the water. It exceeded the hype. It deserves every good thing you have ever heard about it. I would go back every day if that weren’t a ridiculous thing to aspire to without being as connected as Daveed Diggs (who was there). 

You know about Hamilton, and I don’t think I can (or should) say more about what it is, but I will say that if you need an infusion of pure joy, there’s one at the Pantages until December 30

And now a look at how a handful of my fellow audience members commemorated their night at this “American Musical”…


We’re in the room where it HAPPENS!!!!! #hamilton @HamiltonMusical #Hamforham

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I feel very lucky to be alive right now @hamiltonmusical @daveeddiggs

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