Heya Georgie! I mean… horror fans! It is your favorite GGA horror girl back with another faceoff between a horror original and its remake(s). If you are new here, once a month, on the Second Saturday, there is a cage match right here on Geek Girl Authority. The contenders? A horror movie and any remakes. This showdown features an old rivalry. In one corner, the John Carpenter film Halloween. In the opposite corner is Rob Zombie‘s remake. Which version will come out on top? Let’s find out.

Halloween 1978

Laurie Strode sits on a couch while holding a knife in Halloween.

The original Halloween is the story of The Shape, better known as Michael Myers or The Boogeyman (Tony Moran). Powered by pure evil, Michael escapes the mental institution where he has lived since murdering his older sister on Halloween night as a child. After freeing himself, The Shape heads to his hometown of Haddonfield. Once there, he is intent on getting to a specific babysitter. He will take out anyone in his way.

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Meanwhile, Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) has been living her teenage existence how many girls do, trudging through school, hanging out with friends and pining after her crush. As she and her friends plan for the holiday, they are oblivious to the horrors that await. On All Hallows Eve, The Boogeyman catches up to the residents of Haddonfield, and someone will die. Can Dr. Loomis (Donald Pleasence) save them?

This film is a classic for a reason. There is a built-in terror attached to the character of Michael Myers. Consider meeting someone who became a killer at only six years old and is now loose, attacking innocent people. Add to that his apparent immortality and inability to experience pain. No matter what Dr. Loomis or Laurie does, he just keeps going. Bullets, knives, nothing seems to cause Myers damage. It is creepy and induces a sense of fear in viewers. Not to mention the acting and cinematography. While this is not my all-time favorite movie, it is in my top 10.

Halloween 2007

Laurie (Scout Taylor Compton) sits at a table with Tommy in the dark in Rob Zombie's Halloween.

Regarding the 2007 Rob Zombie Halloween remake, the story remains almost identical to the original. One change comes in the form of Michael’s age when the story begins. Instead of six years old, the young killer is a few years older at 10. Another change is the sheer brutality. Having been made in the early 2000s instead of the ’70s, there was room for more gore and intensity. The Shape had a slightly different look; viewers see how he lives between his run-ins with Laurie.

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As many remakes tend to do, Halloween 2007  takes a lot of heat from the horror community. While it does not contain the original’s magic, I enjoy this film. I love seeing more of how Michael lives when he is on the run and the sheer grittiness of it all. If I were to have seen this version first, I cannot definitively say how much I would or would not like the original.

The Winner

This may be the closest match yet. The 2007 version hit the original with a double-leg takedown, and the original came back with a headlock and an arm drag. The battle raged on and came down to one final deciding move. These two movies can tie in this fight. Both are great in their own ways, but the remake does not hold the nostalgia or originality of its predecessor. Therefore, I dub the 1978 film the winner.

Come back next month for another showdown between a horror original and its remake(s). Do you agree with the final results of this battle? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, dear horror fans.

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