The land of perfect music mashups just gained another citizen. Youtube’s Bill McClintock brings Hall & Oates’ soulful pop-rock and Nine Inch Nails’ tortured industrial rock together in what is my favorite mashup in a long time.

The music and lyrics of Hall & Oates, “I Can’t Go For That” (1981) and NIN’s “Closer” (1994) pose a perfect “call and response” between the two iconic bands. McClintock calls the mashup “I Can’t Get Closer to That” by Hall and Nails. It’s four minutes and 37 seconds of Hall & Oates smoothly and softly saying no to Trent Reznor’s X-rated advances. There’s even Iron Maiden’s “Flight of the Icarus” guitar in there. It’s spectacular, hilarious and incredibly creative.

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I do love the term Hall and Nails but a few folks in McClintock’s comment thread suggested Nine Inch Oates, which is another solid choice. Before you watch – fun fact – back in my youth I saw Nine Inch Nails open for The Jesus and Mary Chain in a tiny club in Orlando, Florida. I got knocked down hard in the mosh pit. 

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Audrey Kearns