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Clokey gave him that head bump so he didn’t look too phallic. He called it his ‘bump of wisdom’. True Trivia.

September 18-20 10am to 4pm
Citrus College Glendora CA Haugh Performing Arts Center
1000 W. Foothill Blvd. Glendora, CA 91741
2 Day Gumby Pass $40 1 Day Pokey Pass $25
But tons of free stuff if you just show up!

by Brenda Shea

Art Clokey’s first pre-Gumby animation was an homage to Fantasia titled “Gumbasia” Check out that brilliant weirdness here and dig the crazy beats. Made on a ping pong table in 1953.

Gumbyfest wins most best thing because it’s a benefit for the Citrus College Foundation aimed at Visual Arts Department students. It’s a young festival, this is only year two and already the guest list and panels are impressive. They got Rick Baker in year one!

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No touching!

There’s outdoor activities, a Birthday party, an animation festival, and a museum. Plenty of panels featuring industry professionals from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Maleficent, Coraline and a ton of others. Hands on workshops to try out some stop motion yourself. A couple of them come with an additional charge to the day pass, but not most. Also, you can simply show up for the one thing you REALLY want to see, drop a sawbuck, and get the good info. The museum show is at the Hayden Memorial Library on campus and runs for six weeks.

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Julie Zobel building sweet sweet muppets

Senior puppet builder Julie Zobel (Sesame Street, Fraggle Rock, Muppets Tonight, Where the Wild Things Are, George of the Jungle, Dr. Doolittle) is co-hosting a panel on puppet animation as well as another one specifically covering Jim Henson’s Creature Shop!

There’ll be a Gumby Birthday Bash Saturday at 4pm. He’s sixty this year and still bendy as a mofo. They’ll also be screening the super cool documentary Gumby Dharma.

The Hot Club of San Francisco will playing gypsy jazz swing against a backdrop of early stop-motion animated films opening the festivities.

For more info, check here.

That’s the coolest thing but here’s a list of other cool stuff! Boy oh boy oh boy is September shaping up nicely! So much to do. I’ll include as much as I can here and ramp up blogging a bit cause it’s all coming on furiousa-isly (kill me).

On September 5th the Venice Robotics club is holding another Drone-ga which is, yes, yoga on the beach followed by a drone exhibition in Marina Del Rey. 10am.

Venice Dronga

Saturday, Sep 5, 2015, 10:00 AM

Marina del Rey Beach
Hurricane & the Sand Marina del Rey , CA

13 Robot Enthusiasts Went

Join us for another one of the most Venice Meetups of all time. Drones + Yoga We’ll join a beach front Yoga Meetup found here —> Once the class is complete, we will take to the skies for an exciting unmanned flight.All Drones are welcome, regardless of Yoga participation or not. Drone Flights will begin at 11:30am. For more …

Check out this Meetup →

At LACMA, every Tuesday afternoon movie this month is sci-fi themed. They showed War of the Worlds (1953) on September 1. Still freaky as ever. Is there anything like the Priest scene in the remake? I dunno. Never saw it. Up next on the roster: Forbidden Planet, The Day Earth Stood Still (or as a Millennial I worked with called the reboot “The Day The Earth Stopped Moving”), The Incredible Shrinking Man, and Invasion of the Body Snatchers (Donald Sutherland flavor). 35mm and TWO DOLLARS each. This one is co-sponsored by 5EveryDay. A great app for finding fun stuff to do around LA and get discounts if you member up ($15). App is free though.

Son of Monsterpalooza is happening this month too. On the 18th through the 20th. In Burbank and one day entry is 25 – 30 bucks. They have great events and guests like David Naughton, Udo Kier and James Hong. He’s at every con I’ve been to forever. He always, ALWAYS, has a big ol line to see him. And of course, there’s a Mad Monster Party.

Dark Delicacies is having a signing of the soundtrack to 30 Days of Night and Steve Niles will be there. Sunday September 13.

of course Long Beach Comic Con is on the 12th and 13th.

and Hand of God gets it’s season premiere on Amazon streaming September 4th!

(and in that vein, Ron Perlman’s autobiography “Easy Street, The Hard Way” is available for FREE from the LAPL on digital download!)

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