Have you ever found something that owned your soul? It is precisely how we felt the first time we read GRAVEWEAVER’s supernatural WEBTOON; I’m the Grim Reaper. The series has been a WEBTOON Original since 2019 but first found its home on WEBTOON Canvas. The series has just entered its fourth season full steam ahead. We recently had the chance to catch up with GRAVEWEAVER herself to discuss her creative process, the jump from Canvas to Originals, and much more.

If you haven’t checked out I’m the Grim Reaper check it out here and keep up with GRAVEWEAVER on social media! (Twitter/Instagram)

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Scarlet torn between two worlds in I'm the Grim Reaper.

Julia Roth: I’m the Grim Reaper has been a favorite of ours for years. What was the inspiration behind the series?

GRAVEWEAVER: I’m a really big fan of gray morality in stories. My absolute favorite moments are when a character is presented with two bad choices and how they decide which of the bad choices to pick. So, since that’s my favorite concept to explore, I just made an entire series around it!

JR: The series started on WEBTOON Canvas before moving to WEBTOON Originals. What was the process like shifting from one side of the platform to the other?

G: Well, I had to color it, for one! The comic was originally in black and white because I didn’t care much about the artwork quality, I just wanted to tell my story. But when I moved to Originals, there were standards I had to meet to have a certain level of polish to the series, which included full color and much longer chapters.

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My background is in illustration, so learning how to go fast with color was a huge pain because I didn’t know any fast styles at all (I was a painter!) – But through trial and error, I figured out a suitable art style that was also fast for the comic. To tell you the truth, though, I wasn’t really happy with the art until about chapter 110, so it took a long time to get there!!!!

JR: I’m the Grim Reaper just kicked off its fourth season. How far ahead do you have planned?

G: I have major plot points mapped out until the “end” of the series. I don’t usually take the time to flesh out the in-between bits since I think I work better with dialogue when I’m doing it on the fly. But I definitely have all the major points covered, so I don’t get sidetracked along the way.

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JR: What is your creative process like? Do you have a set playlist you turn on?

G: I usually will just put on long rambling YouTube videos and work. They’re all sorts of topics, ranging from video games to people breaking down some tv show I’ve never seen before for over 4 hours. Wendigoon, Jenny Nicholson, Markiplier, and Sarah Z are all channels I always find myself returning to for those long-form videos to always have something running on my second screen!

Different panels featuring Scarlet from I'm the Grim Reaper.


JR: With a series this long, how do you make sure you are keeping with continuity?

G: Oh god, I just kind of… try to remember! I do have a plot outline but it’s so fricking long that going over it would take an entire day. To tell you the truth, I sometimes have to go to the I’m The Grim Repear page on TV Tropes and read over it to refresh myself on plot points. Thank you to everyone who keeps that updated!!!

JR: What did you do to unwind between seasons three and four?

G: I think the only thing I really did was play Horizon Forbidden West! Also, I believe there was a new World of Warcraft expansion that dropped, and I played all the content in it. I think it was like a solid month of doing nothing but vegetating and playing games, but I had worked every week for almost three years with, I think, a one or two-week break in the entirety, so I let myself goof off for a bit.

Honestly, though, I don’t know if it was “unwinding” since when I start a game, my mind treats it the exact same way as when I’m drawing my comic. Like, I can get exhausted trying to finish a goal in a game, just like I can get tired sketching a whole chapter in a day… There is no rest!

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JR: Outside of creating I’m the Grim Reaper, what other things do you enjoy?

G: I’m a big video game person. I’m always playing some kind of game, be it a mobile one (Fate/Grand Order, Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail), MMORPG (Final Fantasy XIV, World of Warcraft), or a single-player game (Legend of Zelda, Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing), I always have played at least a couple minutes of one every day.

I also do a lot of conventions. I fly to cons and sell my merch, and go hang out with my friends. Plus, I also like to do any random fun stuff that pops up. If I catch wind of a cool event going on near me, I’ll go even if I have no interest in the subject matter- Just to see what’s going on! Shout out to all the cool moms at the knitting festival!

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