National Grandparent’s Day is around the corner, and what better way to celebrate than to talk about a few of our favorite grandparents within a WEBTOON series? They don’t need to be the main characters to impact the story or our favorite leads. But we all know they are there to support and cheer them on. So, let’s head over the river and through some woods – it’s time to head off to see who our favorite grandparents are!

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Batman: Wayne Family Adventures

We don’t care what you have to say – Alfred is peak Grandpa level. The man singlehandedly manages an entire mansion full of superheroes while also ensuring Bruce is on top of his Bat-dad game. He may not don a mask and tights, but I think we can all agree that Grandpa Alfred is the Batfamily’s biggest supporter and cheerleader. Plus, when an entire group of superheroes goes toe to toe for your famous cookies, you have achieved true greatness.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures can be read here!

Alfred talking through his communicator device standing outside of the theater.

Batman: Wayne Family Adventures WEBTOON Original Series.

I Love Yoo

Now, Eleanor “Nana” Lochlainn may not be a main character in I Love Yoo, but she is one of our favorite and extremely important. As the grandmother and guardian to Yeong-Gi “Nol,” she is one of his pillars of support against the rest of his family. When Nol needs comfort, she is there to provide a glass of milk and an ear to listen. When Nol faces trouble later in the series, she stands by his side and even supports his choices even if she feels differently.

I Love Yoo can be read here!

Nana talking to Nol after lying to his friends in I Love Yoo.

I Love Yoo WEBTOON Original Series.

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Gourmet Hound

This might be a bit of a controversial (and upsetting) choice, but I couldn’t help but add Lucy Fuji’s grandmother Lynn Fuji to this list. Yes, by the start of Gourmet Hound, she has passed away, but it’s clear that her overall impact on almost every single character is worth recognizing. And she must have been a really great grandmother, friend and teacher to have such a legacy. Plus, the flashbacks and stories everyone tells Lucy about her grandmother are so heartwarming that you will surely shed a tear.

Gourmet Hound can be read here!

Lucy sitting across from her grandmother Lynn while talking about why Lynn likes the resteraunt they are at.

Gourmet Hound WEBTOON Original Series.

Your Smile is a Trap

Your Smile is a Trap might be a romance between Kiyu and Lily, but it is impossible to talk about this series without mentioning Kiyu’s grandma. When he decides to leave the modeling scene for a normal life, she takes him in without question. When he struggles with making new friends at school, she is there to listen and try to provide advice. We can forgive her for not always having the best advice because she always has Kiyu’s best interest in mind.

Your Smile is a Trap can be read here!

Kiyu's grandmother asking about why he is trouble making friends at school.

Your Smile is a Trap WEBTOON Original Series.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend

This slice-of-life comic, My Giant Nerd Boyfriend, has been known to tear my heart out. Creator fishball shares quite a bit about her life alongside her, you guessed it, giant nerdy boyfriend. Sprinkled throughout the episodes are ones that talk about both their families, including the nerdy boyfriend’s grandfather and their relationship. It’s evident through the chapters how close they are and what they mean to him. The outpouring of love and support is beyond beautiful.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend can be read here!

Grandpa walking with little Mikey in My Giant Nerd Boyfriend.

My Giant Nerd Boyfriend WEBTOON Original Series.

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