Gotham hasn’t officially been renewed for season 5, but executive producer Danny Cannon is promising major changes to the series. In fact, it he calls it “almost a reboot”.

The title of the season 4 finale, “No Man’s Land” may give us a few hints at the changes. In the DC comic of the same name, an earthquake hits Gotham. The government evacuates the city and closes its borders. Gotham’s most prominent villains take advantage of the chaos and claim the city for themselves.

After 4 seasons, Gotham is losing its prequel vibe. The characters are either fully actualized or are almost there and some of their storylines haven’t gone anywhere this season. Having a cataclysmic event in the “No Man’s Land” finale provides the opportunity to send the characters in exciting new directions. We probably won’t see Bruce put on his cape any time soon but this should get the series heading back in that direction and give fans plenty of reasons to continue to tune in.