~Matt Key

Gotham returns in just a few short days, and with the Spring Premiere, we’ll be getting our first look at Dr. Hugo Strange, as played by B.D. Wong (Jurassic World).

But we don’t have to wait until January 29th to see him because the good people at Fox have released this sneak peek, showing us just how good he is as Hugo Strange. He’s equal parts sharp, intelligent, manipulative and creepy. You can tell that there’s some ulterior motives swimming behind those round glasses.

We also get to see Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) doing his best to withstand his time in prison and the manipulation being set forth by Hugo Strange. When the subject turns to Theo Galavan, Penguin says his only regret is “that he couldn’t kill him more than once,” which immediately piques Strange’s interest.

As we’ve already seen in pictures, Theo Galavan is not dead, but has taken up the mantle of Azrael, no doubt helped along by Strange’s own machinations. Perhaps Strange is looking ahead to problems he may have or solutions he may need.

Penguin takes a hit for Galavan’s murder, but doesn’t let Gordon off easily. Meanwhile, Gordon and Bullock investigate the body-snatching spree of Victor Fries (guest star Nathan Darrow), one of Gotham’s preeminent cryogenics engineers.

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