Well they teased some end of the season twists. This edge of your seat episode packed them in. Caution major Joker sized spoilers ahead.

Jerome’s followers have gathered around his grave, his epitaph reads “Second Times the Charm”. A girl in a harlequin mask pulls up and plays a recording from Jerome. He tells them that his work isn’t finished, and they need to dig him up.

Gordon (Ben McKenzie) is about to interrogate Lee (Morena Baccarin). Bullock (Donal Logue) suggests they let just let her escape. However, Gordon is determined to get back to being a good cop. In the conversation with Lee he lets slip that he’s done some things. They are interrupted when Gordon gets a VHS from Jerome saying that he wants a wake at the GCPD. A hundred of Jerome’s followers show up with a coffin. Gordon plans on letting them in while the cops sneak out the back, them come in the front with tear gas. In the melee, Lee gets knocked out. Gordon calls Alfred (Sean Pertwee) to warn him that Jerome’s followers are on a rampage. Alfred heads out to get Bruce, who is at Jeremiah’s bunker. He is attacked on his way out.

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Bruce (David Mazouz) and Jeremiah (Cameron Monaghan) are looking at the prototype of a new energy source that Jeremiah invented, and Bruce bankrolled. The coil is completely self-sustaining. Bruce gets the call from Alfred about Jerome’s followers, sending Jeremiah into a panic. He tells Bruce that he’s been reading his brother’s journal and about the laughing gas. He explains that the gas has him seeing his brother everywhere. Bruce suggests they go to Jerome’s grave, to prove that he’s really dead.

Gordon tortures one of Jerome’s followers, knowing that the attack on the department is just a distraction. They find out that Jerome was after Bruce and Jeremiah. Gordon heads off to the bunker. Riddler shows up to break Lee out of jail but is slowed up by the riot. He sneaks in dressed as a clown and gives her a gas-mask, so they can slip out in the confusion. Penguin and Butch show up to find out what’s really going on. They grab the same guy that Gordon tortured, bring him home and torture him to find out who’s really behind the riot.

Jerimiah and Bruce get to the cemetery and find Jerome’s grave empty. Jerimiah runs away, convinced Jerome is still alive and out to get him. Bruce goes to calm him down. Jerimiah decides that Bruce is really Jerome wearing Bruce’s face. They find Jerome’s body, but Jerimiah still tries to cut Bruce’s face off.

At the same time, they are fighting, Gordon is in Jerimiah’s bunker. A video of Jerome starts playing. The harlequin shows up. In the struggle, Gordon gets her mask off to reveal that it’s Jerimiah’s assistant Echo. He knocks her out and keeps watching the video. Hands reach out and start chocking Jerome. He shows up on another screen and pulls off his make-up. It’s been Jerimiah all along. Echo wakes up, locking Gordon in the room as the energy coil begins to overheat. Gordon gets out of the room, right before the bunker explodes.

At the cemetery, some of Jerome’s followers have shown up. They hold Bruce back while Jerimiah wipes the flesh tone make-up off. He tells Bruce that the gas didn’t make him crazy, it only bleached his skin. He intends to take his brother’s diary and outdo everything Jerome wanted to do. He’s going to start by destroying the city. They knock Bruce unconscious and drop him in the grave with Jerome’s corpse. He goes to Wayne Enterprises to steal the rest of the coils.

So, we end with Bruce in a grave, Gordon and Alfred missing in action, and Jeremiah ready to blow up Gotham.

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