This week on GothamJerome (Cameron Monaghan) crashes the mayor’s meeting and kidnaps everyone. At this point, why do Gotham’s elite even go to meetings and parties? He tells the mayor that everyone is “so serious” and demonstrates his laughing gas on one of the hostages. Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor) says he’s with Jerome but sneaks off to warn Gordon (Ben McKenzie).

Jerome takes over an outdoor concert. Wait. As Gordon pulls up, is that the theme song from the 60’s tv show? Yes, yes it was. Jerome has the prisoners rigged with explosives and threatens to blow them up unless Gordon brings Bruce and Jerome’s brother Zander.

Alfred (Sean Pertwee) gives Bruce (David Mazouz) a bulletproof Mustang for his birthday. They are enjoying cake with Selina (Camren Bicondova) when Gordon arrives with Lucius Fox (Chris Chalk). They have a gadget that will disrupt Jerome’s trigger. Bruce agrees to go and helps them convince Zander to go as well.

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We cut to Barbara (Erin Richards). Hopefully, her storyline will eventually weave back into the main one. She is having the League of Shadows do her dirty work at the Sirens club. They lead her to Ra’s al Ghul’s house. She opens a door that only he could open. She finds a painting of him with a woman that looks like her. Tabitha (Jessica Lucas) tries to convince her that she’s in over her head. Barbara has Tabby removed and beaten. Tabby is picked up and drugged by a different faction of the League of Shadows.

Bullock (Donal Logue) gets a tip that Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow) and Scarecrow (David W Thompson) have taken over the labs at Wayne Enterprises. He arrives too late. They’ve already loaded the gas onto a blimp run by a hypnotized pilot. They’ve also chained Penguin inside as punishment for going to the police.

Jerome’s men kill Gordon’s snipers, ruining the rescue plan. He sits on stage and rants about his brother. Jerome puts a knife into Zander’s hand and goads him into a fight. In the confusion, Gordon gets a shot at Jerome. Wounded, Jerome takes off.

In a nod to both the animated series and the Tim Burton movies, the gas-filled blimp looms above the crowd. Penguin knocks out the pilot and keeps the gas from being dropped.

Gordon chases Jerome onto a rooftop and shoots him again. Jerome goes over the side and Gordon reaches down to save him, Jerome refuses the help. He lets go and we get another nod to the Burton films as Jerome falls and lands on the roof of a car. The camera zooms in on that wicked grin.

The episode ends with Zander opening a package from Jerome. It sprays him with a specially formulated laughing gas. The Joker is born?

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