~Catherine Rose

Last week Gotham felt like a race, this week’s episode was simply a series of revelations. The following recap contains spoilers, you won’t even need to solve a riddle to find.

This episode starts where last week ended. Bruce (David Mazouz) arrives at St Ignatius looking for Jerome. He finds the headmaster, who’s been hypnotized and holding the detonator to a bomb. He reveals that Jerome is looking for a former student named Zander Wilde. Gordon (Ben McKenzie) and Bullock (Donal Logue) get there in time for the explosion. They turn Bruce over to Alfred (Sean Pertwee), threatening to arrest Bruce if he doesn’t stay out of it.

Jerome (Cameron Monaghan) invites Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor), Firefly (Michelle Veintimilla), Mr. Freeze (Nathan Darrow), and Scarecrow (David W Thompson). He calls them a league of horribles and asks them to help him paint the town crazy. He promises to turn over Gotham once he’s done.

Jerome goes to the architecture firm that Zander works for and discovers that he only communicates by a proxy. Gordon and Bullock show up as he is making his escape with Firefly. Gordon finds Zander’s name on a photo of Wayne Enterprises building. Alfred finds an address for Zander.

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Riddler (Cory Michael Smith) has started a game show in the Narrows, in which contestants try to solve his riddles. Lee (Morena Baccarin) comes to shut him down. If she can solve his riddle and stump him with one of hers, he’ll shut it down. She solves his riddle, but he won’t say the answer to hers; I love you. After, he confronts her, Ed loved her, but Ed is gone. They end up in an embrace, kissing.

Penguin goes to Butch (Drew Powell) and asks him to be his muscle. Butch tells him to get lost, but Penguin offers to help him find Hugo Strange to reverse the effects of the swamp.

Jerome goes after Zander’s proxy, but she knocks him out and he wakes up in a cement cell. We don’t get to see his captor’s face until Gordon and Bullock arrive. Zander is Jerome’s twin brother. He explains that Jerome used to torture him growing up and that their uncle got him out. Gordon suspects that Zander isn’t being completely honest and sees Jerome on the monitor. They also see, Tetch (Benedict Samuel) and Scarecrow coming to rescue him.

Gordon and Bullock go after them and Zander runs into Jerome. He admits to lying to their family about being tortured. We start to see that maybe they both are the evil twin. In a nod to the comics, Jerome promises him that he will have his one bad day. Gordon and Bullock rescue Zander from Jerome.

We end back at Jerome’s hideout. He has a victim that he is using his secret weapon on. And the Joker’s infamous spray is introduced.