We have our first look at the animated feature of Gotham By Gaslight! The infamous Elseworlds comic sees Batman pitted against Jack the Ripper. It was a fairly short comic, seeing Batman in a Victorian world. However, DC Animation decided that if Batman could go back into the Victorian era, so could other characters from his world. This gives a whole new element to the story.

In an 8 minute behind the scenes video, we hear from the creative team behind adaptation. In addition to giving a brief history of the comic and it’s beginnings as the first Elseworlds comic, we learn a bit more about what to expect. Some elements of the original story have changed dramatically. Namely, Bruce’s love interest.

In the comic, it’s a woman named Julia. In this animated feature it’s Selina Kyle, who helps him investigate the murders. She’s trying to save the women of Gotham dying by Jack’s hand. In addition, we have other big names coming over into story including some Robins, Hugo Strange and Poison Ivy. What they will do and how their roles will effect the main story line have yet to be seen.

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The creative team mentions that because of the time period, they’re able to really focus on the detective element of the story. And the visuals promise us a different, yet fun Batman story. The animated feature offers a steampunk lovers’ dream including Batman wearing goggles, a zeppelin explosion, industrialization and more. It just goes to further prove that no matter where you put Batman, he can adapt to it all.

Check out the featurette below and let us know what you think. Be sure to come back to Geek Girl Authority for more Batman fun. Gotham By Gaslight currently has no release date. 

Erin Lynch