Good Trouble‘s midseason finale is the perfect example of why the Freeform show truly lives up to its name. There wasn’t much to be disappointed about with the juicy cliffhangers and plot twists. Let’s dive into the characters listed below and analyze their journeys. Fair warning, spoilers for the show abound, so tread with caution!

maia mitchell tommy martinez good trouble

GOOD TROUBLE – Freeform’s “Good Trouble” stars Maia Mitchell as Callie Adams Foster and Tommy Martinez as Gael. (Freeform/Matthias Clamer)


I have to start with the biggest plot twist no one saw coming in this series: the return of the infamous Isabella (Priscilla Quintana) and her baby bomb. It was shocking that she actually had the stones to show her face at the Coterie again after being partially responsible for taking down relationships within the group.

It was also shocking when she dropped the mind-blowing news about Gael (Tommy Martinez) being the father of her unborn child. If there’s any disappointment here, it’s in the fact that out of all Gael’s partners, the unintentional moment that’ll change his life forever is going to be with her. If Callie (Maia Mitchell) commits to Gael, she’ll be an instant mom. Callie as a step-mom? I’m sure she’ll be great and Gael gets kudos for not stepping away from his responsibilities. But Isabella? Ew.

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emma hunton josh pence good trouble

GOOD TROUBLE – Freeform’s “Good Trouble” stars Emma Hunton as Davia and Josh Pence as Dennis. (Freeform/Matthias Clamer)


When Dennis (Josh Pence) and Davia (Emma Hunton) first started getting close over his son’s death, it seemed like a healthy pivotal moment for both of them. It was intriguing to watch a man show his emotional struggle through the loss of a child and let himself be vulnerable with a fierce but kind personality like Davia. They were definitely the surprise couple out of the group of housemates that felt like they actually had a chance.

That is until it was obvious that Dennis wasn’t ready for a serious relationship and our girl was falling for him far faster than she ever realized. When Dennis exited stage left to find himself and Matt (Erik Stocklin) was introduced, it was refreshing. It felt like a new start for Davia that needed to happen. Fast forward to Dennis’s unexpected return and confession of undying love all while Matt stands awkwardly on the sidelines wearing her robe. That scene alone made for a very promising beginning of surefire drama going into the next season. I still can’t decide if I’m Team Matt or Team Dennis.

sherry cola good trouble

GOOD TROUBLE – Freeform’s “Good Trouble” stars Sherry Cola as Alice Kwan. (Freeform/Matthias Clamer)


The ultimate definition of “good trouble” in the series, Alice (Sherry Cola) bolsters the courage to call out the constant push for racial stereotypes in comedy despite the advice she got from comedy vet Margaret Cho. It’s the age-old struggle that marginalized communities across the entertainment industry face every day.

Why does one have to perpetuate a cultural stereotype for laughs? Alice, who’s always been the shy, queer Asian pushover in the room, demanded to be heard and held everyone’s attention. She may have lost her spot in a comedy group that leads to major exposure, but she also may have gained a major mentor in Margaret Cho. I’m just going to call it now — we haven’t seen the last of Cho on this show. Also, we have very high hopes for Alice’s love life now that Ruby (Shannon Chan-Kent) has realized that Alice is a keeper. Thank goodness, because Sumi (Kara Wang) is not the one.

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zuri adele sarunas jackson good trouble

Zuri Adele as Malika and Sarunas Jackson as Isaac in Good Trouble


I know we all saw Malika (Zuri Adele) say goodbye to Dyonte (Marcus Emanuel Mitchell), but is this really goodbye for the man? Call it a woman’s intuition, but there was something about Malika telling Dyonte that she can’t pursue a polyamorous relationship with him that made me feel like this man is not going to let her go that easily. Meanwhile, I am super proud of Malika for not putting a good man like Isaac (Sarunas J. Jackson) through the torture of the path they were headed down.

Don’t get me wrong, polyamory can be a great thing, but it depends on the person. Isaac wasn’t that person. Combine this with the fact that Malika’s love for Isaac outweighed her desire to pursue Dyonte and you have the current outcome that transpired. The woman deserves credit for maturity. But poor Isaac! I’m not sure he’ll be able to forget there was a part of her that wanted a second boyfriend. Time will tell.

maia mitchell beau mirchoff good trouble

Beau Mirchoff as Jamie and Maia Mitchell as Callie in Good Trouble


Besides Callie possibly being a surrogate stepmom to Gael and Isabella’s baby, there’s another elephant in the room: she and Jamie (Beau Mirchoff). Will they ever be done? I’m not going to hold my breath on that reunion happening anytime soon because their awkward breakup energy has pushed them into being perfect opponents in a legal case.

However, when the case is done, they’ll have some kind of heart-to-heart where we’ll either see the return of in-laws in love or the slow fading of Jamie’s presence. Because Callie has been mentored by Kathleen Gale (Constance Zimmer), I have no doubt that Callie will win her current case and might get Gale exonerated from her own at the same time. Let’s also not forget that her coworker, Tony (Jayson Blair), isn’t over Callie either. Once again, the queen of love triangles has created a love square and this surprises no one.

cierra ramirez t.j. linnard good trouble

Cierra Ramirez as Mariana and T.J. Linnard as Evan Speck in Good Trouble (Freeform/Erin Simkin)


Lastly, there’s Mariana’s (Cierra Ramirez) newfound love for her former boss, Evan Speck (T.J. Linnard). I’m not going to lie, there may have been a small scream when they both confessed their mutual love for each other. Of course, their relationship wasn’t going to come without issues from every angle once they went public. They’re not even fully out yet. I’m not exactly sure why Miss Thang and her fellow “Bulk Beauty” girl gang didn’t think that the whole industry would be cautious about working with them after they exposed the very sensitive coverup of a pay gap at Evan’s company.

Additionally, I’m not sure why Mariana thought that her girl gang/business partners would actually be okay with her dating their former boss. There’s a lot of money involved here. Now that the girls know that Mariana is dating the man they want to sue, has their friendship come to an end? Is this the end of Bulk Beauty? Is it the end of #Eviana? Personally, I hope not. No offense, Raj (Dhruv Uday Singh).

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