DISCLAIMER: This recap of Good Omens Season 2 Episode 6, “Chapter 6: Every Day,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, angels and demons! It’s the season finale of Good Omens, and love is in the air. While the narrative resolution is wrapped up pretty neatly — which all started because of love between an angel (Gabriel) and a demon (Beelzebub) — that’s not the main focus of this outing. Really, Beelzebub and Gabriel’s love catalyzed Crowley to proclaim his feelings to Aziraphale. 

So much of this series is rooted in humanity, with the angels and demons metaphorically representing our duality as humans. Throughout the series, Crowley and Aziraphale realize they’re a bit of both, residing in the gray more than anything else. There’s a reassurance in that. We can be more than one thing. At the end of the day, we’re all just making choices. 

I would’ve hoped this realization and another angel/demon love story would’ve prompted Aziraphale to confess how he feels, but our baby angel needs more time, I suppose. He’ll get there. 

David Tennant and Michael Sheen play the vulnerable moments in “Chapter 6: Everyday” so beautifully. That kiss is perfect. The spectrum of emotions both feel is seamlessly and tenderly conveyed. Truly compelling work from both actors. I’m in awe. 

Ready to delve into “Chapter 6: Every Day”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Aziraphale (Sheen) fortifying his bookstore to prevent Shax’s (Miranda Richardson) army from barging in. Nina (Nina Sosanya) and Maggie (Maggie Service) have no idea what the eff is happening. Gabriel (Jon Hamm) probably just wants hot chocolate in his (Jim’s) special mug. Aziraphale explains he orchestrated the ball Jane Austen-style to get Nina and Maggie to fall in love. But now they must focus on keeping Shax and her legion of demons outside the shop. 

Meanwhile, Muriel (Quelin Sepulveda) and Crowley (Tennant) arrive in Heaven. Crowley disguises himself as an angel so as not to draw suspicion. He knows how Heaven operates. After all, he used to live there. Crowley asks Muriel to take him to her office. He needs info on Gabriel. In London, Maggie taunts Shax, revealing she’s not scared of the demon. Shax shoots back with cutting words, claiming Maggie’s a nobody who will never find love. Maggie flips them all the bird and inadvertently invites Shax in to say all that to her face. Uh-oh. Shax and the demons cross the threshold into the store. 

Maggie stands in a coffee shop while smiling in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 6, "Chapter 6: Every Day."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 6, “Chapter 6: Every Day.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Next, Muriel conjures a folder on Gabriel. However, much like most things in Heaven, it’s not tangible to her. But Crowley can pick it up as a former angel with substantial power. As for Aziraphale, the seal on the floor in his shop is proving to be quite the boon. Every demon that crosses it is “discorporated.” In Heaven, Crowley and Muriel access Gabriel’s folder. They watch a meeting unfold between Gabriel, Michael (Doon Mackichan), Uriel (Gloria Obianyo), Saraqael (Liz Carr) and the Metatron (Derek Jacobi). They want to bring on Armageddon: The Sequel, but Gabriel’s not about that life. He vetoes it. 

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“Nah,” he says. Michael and the others want this armageddon to destroy Earth and allow Heaven to rule for all eternity. But, you know, “Nah.” Then, Aziraphale, Nina, Maggie and Gabriel watch as the demons continue stepping on the existence-ending seal. Listen, low-level demons aren’t that smart. Not the sharpest tools in the shed. Maggie and Nina grab fire extinguishers and start spraying them. Look at our warrior lovers! Meanwhile, Saraqael catches Muriel showing a demon confidential files. Saraqael urges Muriel to play the rest of the footage. 

In the bookstore, Aziraphale urges Gabriel to hide as the others ascend the staircase. Naturally, the demons start climbing the stairs. Nina and Maggie continue spraying them with fire extinguishers until they run out of, well, fire extinguishers. Aziraphale had so many in the first place because his shop has burned down … a lot. 

Crowley, Muriel and Saraqael watch what transpires next. Since Gabriel can’t simply reject a plan, Metatron concocts a punishment for him. He’ll remain an angel but be stripped of his archangel status and demoted to a position below even Muriel. Gabriel learns he can’t keep his tailored suits, so he asks to leave to remove them and clean out his office. They see Gabriel strip down to his birthday suit and carry his cardboard box. He drops the matchbook while entering the elevator. Then, he simply disappears. In the footage, Saraquael alerts Michael, Uriel and Metatron to Gabriel’s disappearance. He’s no longer in Heaven. 

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Later, Nina and Maggie move on to throwing encyclopedias at the demons. However, they inevitably run out of those. Aziraphale realizes that desperate times call for equally desperate measures. He procures his halo, something he’s not supposed to use unless at war, and throws it on the ground. A blinding light wipes out all the demons present, save Shax. It knocks her unconscious. In Heaven, Saraqael realizes Aziraphale has just declared war against Hell by using his halo. So, Crowley, Muriel, Saraqael, Michael and Uriel head to Earth to sort out this mess. 

Next, Crowley reunites with Aziraphale and brings the archangels (and Muriel) into the bookstore. Beelzebub (Shelley Conn), Furfur (Reece Shearsmith) and Dagon (Elizabeth Berrington) also make their fiery entrance. They wake up Shax. Now to prevent the war and Armageddon: The Sequel. Crowley asks Aziraphale to find the box with which Gabriel arrived. The box is now filled with items (if you recall, it was empty in the season premiere). There’s a message on the bottom: “I am in the fly!” 

Aziraphale stands between Uriel and Michael in his book store while looking frazzled in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 6, "Chapter 6: Everyday."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 6, “Chapter 6: Everyday.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Crowley asks Beelzebub if they might know what that means since flies are their specialty. They call over one fly that’s been buzzing around the shop. They hand it to Gabriel, who places it on his face. The fly enters his eyeball. Suddenly, we’re thrust down a tunnel of Gabriel’s lost memories. They’re returning to him. One memory sees Gabriel and Beelzebub meeting at a pub for “background talks.” If there is to be a second Armageddon, the head powers of Heaven and Hell must work out the specifics. 

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However, it appears neither of them wants another global catastrophe. Both meet a handful of times, from the cemetery in Edinburgh to, finally, The Resurrectionists pub in the same city. Gabriel learns that Beelzebub likes “Everyday” by Buddy Holly. They introduce him to music. While at The Resurrectionists, he discovers the jukebox. He promptly performs a miracle, ensuring every record in that jukebox only plays “Everyday.” Now that’s love. While at The Resurrectionists, Beelzebub gives Gabriel the fly, explaining it’s a container. According to them, it’s “bigger on the inside.” I love the Doctor Who references in this show. They also give him The Resurrectionists matchbox to store the fly. 

Gabriel remembers everything. He recalls his love for Beelzebub. He tells them he was trying to get to them but forgot. They hold hands. Aw. Maggie and Nina find the display to be quite sweet. That’s when Michael realizes there are humans present. She orders someone to turn them into pillars of salt. Thankfully, Crowley ushers the mortals out before they become just that. Meanwhile, Mr. Brown (Tim Downie) inexplicably comes back to life. He has no idea what happened. 

Nina realizes she needs to open her coffee shop. She finds a line of customers waiting outside. Maggie offers to help, which Nina accepts. At the bookstore, Heaven and Hell figure out how to punish Gabriel and Beelzebub for falling in love. Gabriel doesn’t care where they go as long as they’re together. Crowley suggests they travel to Alpha Centauri. No nightlife to speak of, but there are a few decent planets. Aziraphale smiles. Crowley offering a lovely alternative to celestial punishment or eternal damnation proves he’s a changed demon. Uriel reminds Gabriel and Beelzebub that if they leave, they can never return. Beelzebub suggests Shax take the reins of their job. 

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Then, Gabriel and Beelzebub vanish, presumably traveling to Alpha Centauri to start the next chapter of their lives together. But before that, they sing “Everyday” to each other. The crux of this season is “love,” and I’m here for it. Crowley asks Shax if he can have his flat back. He’s tired of sleeping in the Bentley. Meanwhile, Metatron orders coffee at Nina’s shop. If you listen closely, you can hear a gorgeous instrumental version of Queen’s “The Show Must Go On.” I adore all the Queen music in this season. 

Anyway, Metatron wonders if anyone ever asks Nina for death since the name of her shop is “Give Me Coffee or Give Me Death.” Obviously, nobody has. Next, with a coffee in hand, Metatron marches into the bookstore. None of the angels or Crowley recognize him until he reveals his identity. He orders the archangels to scram but asks Muriel to remain. He needs to have a chinwag with Aziraphale. Metatron hands Aziraphale the latte. 

A closeup of Crowley's face while he wears black sunglasses and sports a bright red hairdo in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 6, "Chapter 6: Everyday."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 6, “Chapter 6: Everyday.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

After Metatron and Aziraphale depart, Muriel asks Crowley if she can take a book with her to Heaven. Crowley doesn’t care. He merely wants to have an extremely alcoholic breakfast with his angel boyfriend after all this. Nina and Maggie return to the bookshop to chat with Crowley. They don’t think he and Aziraphale had the right to interfere with their love lives. Nina just had a breakup. She’s not ready to jump back into the dating pool yet. That said, if Maggie is there when she is, she’d love to date our fave record store owner. Aww. 

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Nina and Maggie believe Crowley and Aziraphale need to talk about their feelings. Sure, they’ve known each other for millennia, but they’ve never really expressed their inner thoughts. Aziraphale arrives as our future lovebirds leave. He has great news for Crowley. Outside, Metatron catches Muriel reading a book. She’s thoroughly enjoying this new experience. Books are like portable people! 

Aziraphale discloses who Metatron wants to take Gabriel’s place. Yes, you guessed it, Aziraphale himself. Aziraphale will be large and in charge. Metatron will have Muriel oversee Aziraphale’s bookstore. Oh, and here’s Aziraphale’s favorite part: Metatron will turn Crowley back into an angel. They can live together in Heaven and run the whole damn show. Our Mr. Fell insists they can change the status quo. 

Crowley isn’t a fan of this plan. Everything they worked for, Aziraphale’s ardent love of Earth — all gone in a snap. Crowley doesn’t want to return to Heaven. He likes his life on Earth. Aziraphale pleads with Crowley to change his mind. He needs his emotional support demon. That’s when Crowley addresses the romantic elephant in the room, something that’s been a long time coming. I love this moment. It’s so well written. The dialogue captures Crowley’s voice to a tee. He tells Aziraphale he loves him without explicitly saying it. It doesn’t need to be said. Crowley wants them to be together. A “group of the two” of them. 

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“We could have been us,” Crowley says before pulling Aziraphale in for a kiss. Squeee! It happened! Initially, Aziraphale seems surprised until he lightly places his hand on Crowley’s back and relaxes somewhat. Crowley storms out after the kiss. Aziraphale touches his lips. You can see the confusion scrawled all over his face. He really does love Crowley, but he’s so desperate to get back into Heaven’s good graces. He’s conflicted. Just get your man, my angel!

Nina stands in front of the counter in her coffee shop with her arms folded in front of her in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 6, "Chapter 6: Everyday."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 6, “Chapter 6: Everyday.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

After leaving Muriel in charge of the bookstore, Aziraphale and Metatron enter the elevator that’ll take them back to Heaven. Metatron reveals Aziraphale’s first assignment will be to lead a Second Coming. Uh-oh. So much for changing the status quo. Crowley stands beside his Bentley, watching from afar. Crowley gets inside his car and drives. “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square” by Tori Amos, used at the end of Season 1, returns here. It’s perfectly apt, considering Crowley earlier tells Aziraphale there are “no nightingales.” The credits roll, with images of Aziraphale in the elevator, masking his pain with a smile, and Crowley driving in anger, side by side. My heart

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This episode wrecked me in the best way possible. I know Crowley and Aziraphale will inevitably wind up together for the rest of eternity. We just gotta take the long way to get there. While Season 1 is more action-packed, Season 2 has more heart and character depth. We really get to know Crowley and Aziraphale. Tennant and Sheen churn in award-worthy performances. Love is at the core of everything, even amid tensions between Heaven and Hell. 

Season 2 also displays plenty of its charming whimsy and cheeky humor. New characters like Muriel, Nina and Maggie fit right in with the show’s tone. Plus, that cliffhanger will keep me up for a while. I hope we don’t have to wait another four years for the resolution. 

According to Neil Gaiman, he’s already planned and plotted Season 3. It all boils down to whether Amazon will greenlight another season, which would conclude the story Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett plotted long ago. Fingers and toes crossed! 

Do you think Nina and Maggie will get together in Season 3? Will Aziraphale realize the error of his ways and return to Earth to be with Crowley? Will they take that trip to Alpha Centauri? What about that Second Coming? When will I stop crying? Only time (and hopefully a Season 3 order) will tell. 

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