DISCLAIMER: This recap of Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4, “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, angels and demons! “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker” revisits a Season 1 storyline involving the 1941 crew in the church (who are now immortal zombies). It methodically moves the needle toward something we’ve suspected since Season 1: that Crowley and Aziraphale are more than friends. Seriously. The lead actors’ onscreen chemistry is too good not to be romantic. The show deftly plants those seeds and fuels that slow burn beautifully. 

Additionally, the narrative pace maintains steady momentum throughout, wasting no time upping the ante on the action front. The stakes are about to reach a fever pitch. I’m curious to see how they can eclipse a freakin’ apocalypse. Season 2 is a home run so far. 

Ready to delve into “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) picking up a hitchhiker on a foggy night in Scotland. Said hitchhiker transforms into Shax (Miranda Richardson), who introduces herself as Crowley’s replacement. She asks where Gabriel is. Shax knows he’s with Crowley. Aziraphale tries to deny this very true thing, but he’s an angel and sucks at lying. Shax reveals she initially thought Aziraphale and Crowley were a couple. Crowley doesn’t correct her. Oh, ho! What we all know has finally been confirmed. Vin-di-cation. Shax departs after Aziraphale inadvertently gives her what she wants. 

Next, we flashback to 1941 in London during The Blitz. It’s right after the bomb drops on the church, killing Mr. Harmony (Mark Gatiss), Greta Kleinschmidt (Niamh Walsh) and Mr. Glozier (Steve Pemberton). Crowley (David Tennant) gives Aziraphale the bag of books he wanted because they’re besties boyfriends. We see one of the now-dead people open their eyes while lying in the rubble. Uh-oh. 

Nina stands in front of the counter in her coffee shop with her arms folded in front of her in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4, "Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 4, “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Meanwhile, Shax and Furfur (Reece Shearsmith) check in the influx of new Hell residents. One thing about Hell? There’s a lot of paperwork and bureaucratic red tape. That makes sense. Furfur vents his frustrations to Shax regarding his status in the Hell hierarchy. Shax offers a “you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” deal. She’ll put in a good word to promote him if he helps her out. Sounds legit. 

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In London, Aziraphale and Crowley drive to “The Fabulous Ladies of Camelot” show on the West End to deliver whiskey to Mrs. Henderson (Siân Phillips). In Hell, Mr. Harmony, Greta and Mr. Glozier are at the check-in. They claim their arrival in Hell is a mistake. That’s when they mention Aziraphale and Crowley dropping the bomb on them. Furfur realizes getting evidence of an angel and demon working together could be enough for a promotion. 

Furfur tells the trio he’ll send them back to Earth for 24 hours. Then, they can gather evidence that Aziraphale and Crowley are working together. He gives Mr. Glozier a ring that he can twist to summon Furfur. Oh, and they’ll be zombies for those 24 hours. They’ll have to sate their thirst for blood to survive. Once the evidence is collected, Furfur will permit them to stay on Earth. 

Sure enough, the trio wakes on Earth, crawling out of the debris. They feast on a nearby homeless man. Now, to find the angel and the demon. Sure enough, they spy on Crowley and Aziraphale in the latter’s bookstore. Oh, earlier, Mrs. Henderson expressed her discontent regarding Crowley’s whiskey delivery. She was also pissed because the magician she had booked for that night’s show dipped. Aziraphale volunteered to perform magic in his stead. So, presently, Aziraphale is practicing his magic for Crowley. Then, Crowley persuades Aziraphale to go on a shopping trip. Every good magician needs supplies. 

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Aziraphale checks out one eager shopkeeper’s goods and sets his sights on “The Bullet Catcher.” Aziraphale tells said shopkeeper he has his gun license. He knows how to discharge a firearm. Meanwhile, Mr. Glozier observes the trio’s interaction while pretending to shop. He even puts on a “joke ring” that looks almost identical to the one Furfur gave him, serving as a summoning device. The other two zombies are outside. The shopkeeper tries to dissuade Aziraphale, citing countless folks have died while attempting to perform The Bullet Catcher. 

However, money talks, and Aziraphale and Crowley walk away with The Bullet Catcher. After they depart, our zombies work up an appetite and feed on the poor, unfortunate shopkeeper. 

A closeup of Crowley's face while he wears black sunglasses and sports a bright red hairdo in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 4, "Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 4, “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Later, Aziraphale takes the stage for his West End debut. He’s nervous as all get-out. It’s adorable. The zombies summon Furfur, who brings his fancy camera to snap a photo of the angel and demon together. He whips out his “miracle blocker” card to ensure neither can perform miracles. This throws a wrench in Aziraphale’s first trick. He tries to transform a turnip into an inkwell, which falls flat on its face. Crowley also attempts to perform a miracle backstage. Alas, it, too, doesn’t work. 

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Naturally, both are nervous about performing The Bullet Catcher if they can’t perform miracles. Crowley is supposed to fire the gun while Aziraphale catches the bullet in his teeth with the power of magic. As the pair share the stage, Furfur takes a picture of them and places it in his “evidence” packet. Aziraphale urges Crowley to fire the gun away from his head, making it look like Aziraphale caught the bullet in his teeth. 

Thankfully, the trick works. And they didn’t even have to use a miracle as a crutch! The crowd erupts into cheers as Aziraphale reveals the bullet in his teeth. Backstage, Aziraphale and Crowley celebrate. Unfortunately, their celebration is short-lived as Furfur barges into the dressing room. He introduces himself, but Crowley doesn’t remember him. He shows the pair the photo he took. The zombie trio arrives, hot on Furfur’s heels. He grants them immortality to spend on Earth … as zombies. A double-edged sword, indubitably. 

Upon his return to Hell, Furfur presents his evidence to the higher-ups. They burst into laughter. Why? Because he gave the magician shop pamphlet instead of the photo. As it turns out, Aziraphale stole the picture from him. He can perform magic without resorting to miracles.

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Next, we’re back in the present day, with Shax presenting her findings to Beelzebub (Shelley Conn). She reveals that Gabriel is being kept at Aziraphale’s bookstore. Crowley is involved. She plans to assemble an army of the damned to storm the bookstore and whisk Gabriel to Hell to present to Satan. Beelzebub loves this plan and permits Shax to implement it. 

On Earth, Aziraphale returns to London. He smiles at Nina (Nina Sosanya), who informs him the Bentley needs to be put in park. When her back is turned, he orders the car to return to its spot. Nina gets a text from, presumably, her girlfriend that’s not very nice. So, Nina’s on the receiving end of emotional/verbal abuse. That’s no good.

Aziraphale sits in a chair while holding a tea cup while Crowley stands over him in the bookstore in Good Omens Season 2.

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 4, “Chapter 4: The Hitchhiker.” Photo credit: Mark Mainz/Prime Video.

Meanwhile, Aziraphale reunites with Crowley, admitting his Edinburgh trip was mostly a bust. Crowley also confesses his rainstorm matchmaking with Nina and Maggie failed. Aziraphale decides to host the traders’ and shopkeepers’ monthly meeting. It could be fun. Right? 

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Will Aziraphale and Crowley defend themselves against Shax and her army of the damned? Can they protect Gabriel? How long until Heaven retaliates? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. 

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