DISCLAIMER: This recap of Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3, “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going,” contains spoilers. Proceed at your peril. 

Welcome back, angels and demons! We’re now halfway through the second season of Good Omens. “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going” unlocks another facet to the Gabriel mystery while showing us more Aziraphale/Crowley backstory that relates to said mystery. And that cliffhanger! Sh*t is about to hit the fan. 

David Tennant gives a powerhouse physical performance, especially when Crowley is “drunk” on laudanum. You can tell Doctor Who gave him the building blocks to play Crowley. Tennant also has a tremendous physical presence as it is, though. 

All in all, the episode is, plain and simple, good cheeky fun. It deftly balances character development and sharp comedy while propelling the seasonal narrative into an intriguing direction. 

Ready to delve into “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going”? Let’s get to it. 

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We open with Gabriel (Jon Hamm), aka Jim, holding a white mug with angel wings that says “Jim’s Cup” in gold. I can hear the Etsy sellers feverishly typing out their seller pages. The product? A white mug with angel wings and the ability to customize it in gold lettering. I would love to have a “Melody’s Cup.” Maybe I should be one of those Etsy sellers… Anyway, I digress. Meanwhile, Muriel (Quelin Sepulveda) unexpectedly appears on Aziraphale’s (Michael Sheen) doorstep. She claims she’s an earthly inspector who’s there to observe. Muriel pretends she’s someone else who hasn’t known Aziraphale for thousands of years. 

Aziraphale makes her tea, which she holds awkwardly (this is such a great acting choice). Crowley (Tennant) enters the scene and makes a few cheeky remarks regarding Muriel’s dress. She looks more like a constable. Muriel switches gears and states she’s an inspector constable. Sepulveda, as Muriel, is utterly adorable. She’s sunshine and sweetness personified, with solid comedic timing. Crowley pulls Aziraphale aside. They know why she’s there. Heaven sent her to observe them after they performed that miracle to protect Gabriel. 

Muriel wears a white constable's uniform while standing on Aziraphale's bookstore doorstep and smiling in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3, "Chapter 3: I Know Where I'm Going."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 3, “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Crowley plans to bring Nina and Maggie together, while Aziraphale is still hellbent on driving Crowley’s Bentley to Edinburgh to pursue his “clue.” Crowley is still reluctant to give him the keys. Muriel barges in and asks if everything’s okay. Then, she heads to the coffee shop to ask Nina (Nina Sosanya) about her love life. Nina promptly gives Muriel the boot. 

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Then, we’re treated to a flashback to 1827 Edinburgh. Crowley and Aziraphale are strolling through the cemetery. How beautifully spooky. They meet Elspeth (Abigail Lawrie), who’s digging up a grave. Crowley is amused, while Aziraphale explains why grave robbing is wrong. Elspeth reveals she digs up bodies to sell to a doctor who pays well for them. Our fave angel/demon duo follows Elspeth back into the city. They meet Elspeth’s friend, Wee Morag (Julie McLellan), who, like Aziraphale, doesn’t approve of Elspeth’s grave robbing as a source of income, even though they live on the streets. 

In the present day, Aziraphale drives the Bentley to Edinburgh. Crowley chats with him via the car’s radio. He’s furious that Aziraphale changed the color of the vehicle from black to yellow. Oh, and he’s snacking on travel candies. And he refuses to drive above the speed limit. And he’s listening to classical music. Crowley overpowers him, changing the color of his car back to black and blasting rock music on the radio. That’s my demon boy. As Aziraphale continues his drive, the mountains beside him are colored with various tartan patterns. The Loch Ness Monster swims in the background. 

Meanwhile, Beelzebub (Shelley Conn) asks Demon Josh (Moray Hunter) if they’re doing a good job. He thinks they’re great as a leader. He’s also just glad they’re not torturing him at the moment. In London, Gabriel struggles to understand the concept of gravity, and Crowley equally struggles to explain it. 

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Next, in 1827, Crowley and Aziraphale accompany Elspeth to meet Mr. Dalrymple (Sean Biggerstaff). She shows off her cemetery haul. He offers her a price for the corpse, but she’s not happy with it. Aziraphale asks for clarity regarding why Dalrymple pays folks to dig up bodies for him. He reveals he uses them to teach his medical students. It’s all for science. Dalrymple also delves into how his work has benefitted medical advancement. 

Now, we’re back with Aziraphale in the present. He dons a fedora and pretends to be a journalist as he enters The Resurrectionists, the pub Maggie talked about. The proprietor confirms what Maggie told Aziraphale — every record put in the jukebox inevitably starts playing “Everyday.” Aziraphale shows the man a sketch he made of Gabriel. The pub owner reveals Gabriel was in his establishment when this phenomenon started. He was also with someone else. Hmm.

Crowley stands next to Aziraphale outside a shop in London while Aziraphale looks at a clipboard in Good Omens Season 2 Episode 3, "Chapter 3: I Know Where I'm Going."

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 3, “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going.” Photo courtesy of Prime Video.

Aziraphale grabs a pamphlet outside the pub that says, “Who were the Resurrectionists?” He stares at signage featuring Mr. Dalrymple holding a bloody butcher knife. A lightbulb goes off in his head. Back in 1827, Aziraphale expresses his wholehearted approval of Elspeth’s grave-digging ways. Elspeth persuades Wee Morag to join her. One body can get them off the streets. While in the cemetery, Crowley and Aziraphale notice the rich have contraptions constructed around their graves to prevent robbery. We see one with a tripwire that, when activated, fires a gun. 

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Unfortunately, Wee Morag accidentally activates the tripwire and gets shot. Elspeth, Aziraphale and Crowley bring her to a crypt, where she dies. After a few moments pass, Elspeth decides to take Wee Morag’s body to Mr. Dalrymple for payment. It’s what she would’ve wanted. Wee Morag wouldn’t want Elspeth starving on the street. It’s all about priorities, mate. 

Later, the trio does just that. However, Dalrymple gives Elspeth a paltry payment for Wee Morag’s fresh corpse. Before departing, she swipes a bottle of laudanum from his vast collection of tonics, elixirs and tinctures. Elspeth returns to the crypt to drink the laudanum so she can be with Wee Morag. Aziraphale and Crowley attempt to talk her out of it. Crowley drinks the laudanum himself, which has a peculiar effect on him. He slurs his words, gestures wildly and dances about like he’s drunk. Then, he shrinks inexplicably, Ant-Man-style. 

Next, Crowley goes the opposite direction — he morphs into a giant. He looks down on Elspeth and Aziraphale. He orders the young girl to keep herself alive for Wee Morag. She’s going to stop grave robbing. Oh, and Aziraphale will give her all of his money to ensure this is possible. Aziraphale does as he’s bid. After Elspeth departs, now richer, Crowley’s pulled through the ground to Hell, presumably to be punished. He did a good thing to help someone, after all. 

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Then, we see present-day Aziraphale in the cemetery in Edinburgh. He asks two men if he can use a phone. Aziraphale calls Crowley to reveal he’s in the cemetery and currently staring at the statue of Gabriel. He also informs Crowley that Mr. Dalrymple left Edinburgh in disgrace in the 1800s, killed himself and got a pub named after him. Aziraphale tells Crowley what he learned at the pub about Gabriel’s visit there. 

Meanwhile, Crowley spots Nina and Maggie (Maggie Service) outside. He brings on a rainstorm. Maggie tries to apologize for the other night when they were stuck in the coffee shop together. Crowley makes it rain harder, hoping they seek shelter under an awning. They do. Nina and Maggie continue talking, and when it looks like they might kiss, the awning breaks, dumping water on their heads. Romantic moment eliminated. Ugh. Crowley made it rain too hard. 

Aziraphale sits in a chair while holding a tea cup while Crowley stands over him in the bookstore in Good Omens Season 2.

GOOD OMENS Season 2 Episode 3, “Chapter 3: I Know Where I’m Going.” Photo credit: Mark Mainz/Prime Video.

Next, Gabriel’s eyes turn purple again, and he recites more biblical speech. Crowley finds Shax (Miranda Richardson) outside as she transforms into different people to remain incognito. Shax reveals she knows Gabriel is inside the bookstore. Uh-oh. If Crowley doesn’t comply, all of Hell will declare war on Aziraphale. Crowley lies about Aziraphale’s whereabouts. After Shax departs, Crowley threatens Gabriel/Jim. Gabriel better hope this doesn’t put Aziraphale in danger. Crowley’s always gonna protect his angelic boyfriend. 

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Can Crowley protect Aziraphale from Hell waging war against him? Will Heaven also learn where Gabriel is? What else will Aziraphale discover while in Scotland? Only time (and more episodes) will tell. 

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