These days, the term “digital nomad” is bandied about to excess, but how many people actually know what it entails? For most people, the term immediately conjures up images of white-teethed perma-tanned Instagram models sunning it up on a beach, laptop in hand while they edit their latest vlog. The reality is a little more realistic and arguably better for women workers who want to control their own schedule.

There are now almost 4 million Americans who do most or all of their work remotely via a personal computer, with that number set to rise exponentially over the next few years. Here’s why becoming a digital nomad is the right decision for 21st-century working women.

Escaping Oppressive Office Structures

How many of us have had a truly terrible day at the office, where all you want to do is march up to your boss and tell them you’re out of there? Corporate office structures are typically patriarchal, unproductive and completely unsuited to the needs of the workforce in 2018. Whether it’s sitting in endless meetings that could just have easily been an email, or dealing with nonsensical office drama and factional loyalties, productive, innovative workers do not belong in the traditional office. Becoming a remote worker is the ideal way to liberate yourself from this and, most importantly, to spend your time as productively as possible.

Diverse Career Paths

The main thing that people miss when considering remote work is that pretty much all sectors and industries apply. You don’t have to be a famous blogger or graphic designer to quality for remote work. A lot of people work on a freelance basis for just about every occupation you can think of, from the high-flying world of finance to people providing legal services, and even people giving psychic readings over the internet. People also work full time remotely. While, once upon of time, such work may have been considered a by-word for insecure employment, these days, millions of people conduct very fulfilling and successful careers from the comfort of their home or the nearest Starbucks.

Source: Pixabay

You Call the Shots

Being a digital nomad is about more than just escaping the drudgery of the 9 to 5. Working remotely means being your own boss, deciding your own hours and, most crucially, deciding what work to do. With no-one breathing down your neck or forcing you to do work you don’t want to do with unsavory clients, you can begin to tailor your career to your preferences, needs and dreams. It’s easy to forget that you should be in control of your own career – having the freedom to be selective with your work is a hugely empowering feeling. Life is too short to be working according to other people’s needs and digital nomads are paving the way for a world where work is what you enjoy, rather than what you have to do.

No matter what career path you’re on, switching to remote work is likely to be possible, so make sure to explore your options today, for a truly bespoke lifestyle.


featured image source: Pixabay