Netflix Australia (Yes, I come from the land down under) did a handy dandy thing and gave us future-dwellers (time zone!) a lovely pic of when we could expect the premiere of Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life on Thursday 25 November. The trouble is, I couldn’t find anything for the rest of the world.


See! Thanks Netflix ANZ, you’re ace <3

Well never fear, Geek Girl Authority is here to save the day! Here is when you can expect Gilmore Girls to air/go live/become watchable in your part of the world (if you have any times and places you want to add, or if you think we’ve got it wrong, let us know in the comments below! Let’s help each other!)

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Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life – November 25 2016

USA – 12.01am PST, 1.01am MST, 2.01am CST, 3.01am EST

Canada – 12.01am PST, 1.01am MST, 2.01am CST, 3.01am EST, 4.01am AST

New Zealand – 9pm NZDT

Australia – 7pm AEDT for Melbourne/Sydney (6pm AEST Brisbane), 6.30pm ACDT for Adelaide (5.30pm ACST Darwin), 4pm AWST for Perth

United Kingdom – 7.01am GMT

Malaysia/Singapore – 5pm MYT/SGT

Japan – 4pm JST

Indonesia – 3pm WIB, 4pm WITA

Thailand – 2pm ICT

Pakistan – 12.30pm PKT

India – 12.30pm IST

Russia – 10am MSK, 11am SAMT, 12pm YEKT, 1pm OMST, 2pm NOVT/KRAT, 3pm IRKT, 4pm YAKT, 5pm VLAT, 6pm SRET, 7pm ANAT

Madagascar – 10am EAT

Egypt/Finland/Greece – 9am EET

France/Italy/Germany/Sweden – 8am CET

Morocco – 7.01am WET

South America – 3.01am ECT/POT/COT, 4.01am VET/AMT/BOT, 5.01am ART/BRT, 6.01am BRST,

 November 24 2016

USA – 9pm HAST, 10pm AKST

Now let’s get excited together and watch the trailer

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