Buying gifts for someone can be really fun, but it can also be quite a difficult thing to do. There are many things to consider, such as the person’s personality, hobbies, interests and age, and many more. It’s definitely easier when you are aware of those things, or if you know of one thing that a person likes. But, buying gifts for the geeks in your life can be especially tricky.

Even though the things the person likes may be similar, they won’t necessarily like all of them. For example, they might like Star Wars but not Star Trek; Harry Potter, but not Lord of the Rings. The second problem is that the products related to those things are so specific, they may be difficult to find.

If you are looking for something different, you could check out Wyvern’s Hoard which offers fantastic jewelry that should appeal to any geeky person. Here are a few suggestions if you are struggling to find a gift for the geeks in your life.

Video games

Buying a video game for someone who is into gaming can definitely be one of the best gifts you could get them. It’s quite easy to tell if someone is into gaming, and if you have to ask if they are, then they are not.

One reason why buying a video game is a great gift is because of the variety, there is one for everyone and you will find something the person is into. Another reason is that video games usually take a while to complete, so it’s not something that will be used once and then be packed away; it’s a gift that will keep on giving for some time.

Video games are also rather expensive, so not only will the gift be valued, you would be saving the person a lot of money, and there is always a new game that a gamer is looking forward to playing.

Loot crates

Loot crates are simply the easiest thing to buy if you are not sure exactly what it is the person wants. They are filled with items from movies, TV shows, games, comics and more. The great thing about loot crates is that you just need to have a rough idea about what the person is into.

 If they expressed an interest in movies, books or series about magic, then there are loot crates related to the Harry Potter universe. Perhaps they like a certain cartoon-like The Simpsons, then there will be a loot crate for that too.

Loot crates are a great gift because of the excitement and surprise they offer when opening them; you never know what you are going to get.

Action figures and POP! figures

One thing that many geeky people love are action figures. They are seen as a collector’s item, and what’s more, is that there are action figures related to almost every movie that the person might be into.

It could be action figures about sci-fi movies such as Aliens vs Predators, or even series such as The 100. Not only is this a great gift, but also serves as a great decoration for a room. One product that is becoming extremely popular is POP! Figures.

There are figures from almost any movie or series, whether it be from DC or Marvel, Star Wars or Star Trek. Getting something like this for your geeky someone is also a great way to help them start a collection, which in itself is a really fun hobby.


If you really can’t think of anything to buy, then you might consider getting clothing as a gift. Everyone needs clothes, but more than that, it’s a safe gift to get. There are millions of clothing products related to movies, books, video games and more.

Items range from pajamas to socks, t-shirts, sweatpants and more, so there will be something their wardrobe is needing. Getting a t-shirt with images that relate to retro gaming would be great for a gamer, or ones that contain images from the person’s favorite movie franchise. Baby Yoda is becoming very popular these days.

Clothing is another gift that will continue to give, as the person can wear it more than once, it might become their favorite item of clothing.