Whether your household celebrates Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Festivus, or any other holiday (or even none at all), if the person to whom you are gifting is a Star Trek fan, this list is for you!

First things first: For whom are you shopping? This gift guide is separated into segments based on your gift recipient. Do they like jewelry? Do they prefer receiving new drinking glasses or alcohol? Is the gift for a baby or toddler? Are clothes their thing? There is even a section of gifts for when you aren’t even sure what to buy! Whatever their interest, I do hope that this list, carefully curated to be mostly kitsch free, has what you are looking for!

For the Jewelry Lover

Star Trek Insignia Earrings, $31+

Star Trek Insignia Earrings Etsy GeekMeABreak

GeekMeABreak, etsy.com

Vicki Rou, of the Etsy shop GeekMeABreak, has a lot of geeky jewelry for sale. Among the many fandoms featured, you will find Pokemon, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, and of course Star Trek. It is here that the very simple, elegant, and gorgeous Star Trek Insignia stud earrings are offered. The earrings are offered in 925 sterling silver, 14K gold plated, and 14K solid gold. The shop is not located in the United States, so delivery by Christmas is no longer guaranteed – but that doesn’t mean you can’t still buy a pair and gift them later!

Star Trek Charm Bracelet, $11.12

Star Trek Charm Bracelet Etsy BlueRoseofThessia

BlueRoseofThessia, etsy.com

Etsy shop BlueRoseofThessia‘s Diane Tyler has a whole collection of charms, pendants, earrings, and even costumes! The jewelry ranges from Doctor Who to Alice in Wonderland to the occult, and then some (the shop’s About section simply states “Purveyor of Pagan, gaming, and General geeky Merchandise”). The item that caught my attention, though, was a Star Trek charm bracelet. The different Starfleet insignias are present along with a Klingon Empire emblem, a teeny Enterprise, a Live Long and Prosper hand, a phaser set to stun, and a Bat’leth. The detail is exquisite! Seriously, that phaser actually says STUN! The charms are silver plated. Though the shop is located in Glasgow, Scotland, there is still time to ensure delivery for Christmas.

For the Drink Connoisseur 

Starfleet Academy Rocks Glasses, $9.95 each

These understated rocks glasses from startrek.com are the perfect gift for the scotch drinker in your life. Actually, for anyone, if you prefer to drink your orange juice from a good, hefty glass (someone tell my husband that a rocks glass is perfectly suited for juice). The glasses are sold as singles for $10 a piece, which allows for you to create a set your own way. The bases of the glasses are colored to match the different divisions, with the seal of each printed on the bottoms. The two red glasses are Command and Engineering, the dark blue is Science, and the teal blue is Medical. The sides of the glasses have a subtly printed Academy crest. Overall, no matter which glass you choose, you can’t go wrong.

Captain’s Holiday Ale

Star Trek: The Next Generation Captain's Holiday 30th Anniversary Ale


Alright, so I’m not entirely sure how you can get your hands on this gem, but it is worth mentioning! Star Trek: The Next Generation: Captain’s Holiday is a limited edition 30th anniversary ale from Smaltz Brewing Company. The beer is sold in a 4-pack of 12-ounce bottles with a 5.5% ABV. The flavor is meant to evoke your own relaxing trip to Risa with citrus flavors; per the label: boasts lemon, lime and orange citrus hop flavors via 2-Row, Red-X, Victory and Flaked Oats malts, as well as Citra and Amarillo hops, and it’s brewed with Orange Peel and Lime. If any of that sounds perfect, maybe grab yourself a pack, too! 

Personalized Klingon Glow-in-the-Dark Mug, $13.89

Star Trek Personalized Klingon Name Glow-In-the-Dark Mug etsy Hx5Designs

Hx5Designs, etsy.com

Know a coffee drinker? Do they happen to live for honor and run head-strong into battle? Carol Mallas from Hx5Designs on Etsy has the perfect personalized mug! There can be no mistaking whose mug is sitting on the counter in the break room – not when your giftee’s name is written on it! Carol uses a Klingon language font to add the recipient’s name in white over a galaxy background and completes the design with the Klingon Empire Emblem. A vibrant glow-in-the-dark ink is used so that the final product can be located even when the lights go out. Even if Klingon is not your intended giftee’s cup of tea (see what I did there?), Hx5Designs has several other offerings, from Doctor Who to Star Wars, from coasters to flasks, and all fandoms and items in between. The Etsy shop is located in the UK, so hurry and get your order in if you need delivery for Christmas!

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For the Children

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Rocker, $195+

Star Trek The Original Series NCC-1701 Enterprise Rocker GandGRockers Etsy

GandGRockers, etsy.com

The whole point of having kids is to be able to relive your childhood through them and spoil them with everything you wish you could have had…right? And that means giving them an Enterprise rocker instead of a horse, like this one from GandGRockers on Etsy. Chris & Karen Bucklen offer Star Trek: The Original Series‘ Captain Kirk’s Constitution Class Enterprise in a variety of options, from simply stained to all-out painted, and even personalized! Though the rockers are made to order, there are still a few (as of this writing) available for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

Star Trek: The Next Generation Bib, $15.28

Star Trek The Next Generation Uniform Bib HedgePodge Etsy

HedgePodge, etsty.com

Every starship needs a crew. Of course, you can find uniform style onsies pretty much everywhere, but when it comes feeding time, little ones tend to wear bibs and they can obscure the beautiful work done on their clothes. The solution? A uniform bib, obviously! Sheila Douglas, of the Etsy store HedgePodge, has you covered with this cute uniform bib designed after Star Trek: The Next Generation! The double flannel bibs aren’t just small for infants; these are 13″ by 20″ and are machine washable, meant for use up to about 4-years old. There are three options for your Starfleet crewmember: Medical/Sciences Blue, Command Gold, and Engineering Red. There is even a single Star Trek: Voyager bib uniform option in the same color offerings. The bibs ship from Canada, but they should be able to arrive for the holidays!

Star Trek Themed Onsies, $14.95+

Star Trek Onsies CleverHollyDesigns Etsy

CleverHollyDesigns, etsy.com

Holly Oberfield‘s Etsy shop, CleverHollyDesigns, has some non-standard Star Trek inspired onsies for the babies in your life. As a bonus, if you plan on surprising your significant other with expecting news, the “Beam Me Up Daddy” onsie is perfect for the occasion. Shipping from Florida, Christmas delivery is only guaranteed through December 10th, but don’t let that deter you. Holly also offers coffee cups and custom onesie designs in addition to football, Doctor Who, and Pokemon designs.

For the Clothing Fanatic

DISCO Shirt, $24.95

Star Trek Discovery Disco Shirt


This shirt needs no explanation. Fans of Star Trek: Discovery made it known immediately that the DISCO workout shirt from Episode 6, “Lethe”, was an item they wanted to be able to purchase. Startrek.com delivered and now you can, too. 

Cosplay Apron, $42.62+

Star Trek Fandom Cosplay Aprons BeBaGo Etsy

BeBaGo, etsy.com

Whether your intended giftee actually uses this as an apron or wears it as a cosplay item to a convention, Etsy shop BeBaGo‘s Star Trek Cosplay Apron is gorgeous. BeBaGo offers three Star Trek: The Next Generation versions: Medical/Sciences blue, Command gold, and Engineering red. These ship from Ireland, but they do offer tracked shipping!

Hat & Scarf Combo

Star Trek The Next Generation Scarves and Hats Thinkgeek


ThinkGeek has hats and scarves and you can mix and match sets for everyone on your shopping list. The hats are normally $19.99, but are currently on sale for $4.99. The scarves are normally $19.99, but are currently out of stock; sign up for an email to be notified when they return.

Starfleet Academy Varsity Zip Hoodie, $44.95

Star Trek Starfleet Academy Varsity Hoodie


Is the person on your list interested in attending Starfleet Academy? Why not gift them a Starfleet Academy Varsity jacket? These are currently on sale from Startrek.com for 25% off.

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Still Not Sure?

Captain’s Log, $7.95

Star Trek Captain's Log Notebook Amazon


For those that take notes, consider a portable, passport-sized Captain’s Log! Combine this with Amazon’s free 2-day shipping for all this holiday season, you can stock up and gift enough notebooks for your giftee to have a full year’s supply.

Make It Snow Christmas Card, $5

Star Trek Make It Snow WhamCards Etsy

WhamCards, etsy.com

If all else fails, grab a giftcard and stuff it inside WhamCards“Make It Snow” card. This playful, seasonal twist on Captain Picard’s phrase, “Make it so,” is blank inside for you to write whatever your heart desires. Shop owner Renee has other card fandom options, including Harry Potter, Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and The Walking Dead. With a shop inside the US, you should be able to get your order fairly quickly.

Whatever holiday or event that leads you to search for the perfect Star Trek themed gift, I hope this list helps point you toward something that will bring a smile to whomever you’re shopping for (especially if it’s you). From all of us at Geek Girl Authority, we hope your holidays are geeky and happy! Live long and prosper, fellow fans!

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