With the holidays just a couple of weeks away I can imagine some of you may be freaking out. Whether you’ve simply forgotten, or just have no idea what to get anybody, you have no reason to fear. Over the last month the team here at GGA have produced some wonderful gift guides that should take the stress out of holiday shopping. As for that pesky true crime lover in your life? We’ll take care of them too with this fun and potentially traumatizing gift guide. 

For the Book Worm

Let’s be honest, the title says it all. Michael Newton’s The Encyclopedia of Serial Killers is a deep dive into some of the most notorious serial killers of all time. As it says, it’s an encyclopedia so it is all fact based on cases such as Jack the Ripper, The Green River Killer and Jeffrey Dahmer. Makes for a great coffee table book for your favorite weirdo and is available on Amazon for $19.95.


Harold Schechter’s, one of America’s best true crime writers, Fiend tells the chilling tale of Boston’s Boy Fiend, Jesse Pomeroy. Pomeroy, who was 16 at the time, became the youngest person in the history of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be convicted of murder in the first degree in 1874. Learn about the child killer- who was a child himself- for $17 courtesy of Amazon

Staying sexy and not getting murdered is a tough job. Lucky for everyone Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark have written a book to make it a little easier. In their highly anticipated duel memoir, Karen and Georgia share never-before-heard stories about their struggles with depression, eating disorders, and addiction and how they became two of the most beloved voices in the world. Available for pre-order on all major booksellers for $24.99. 

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Coloring books totally count as books, right? Even if they don’t you might want to make an exception for this lovely Serial Killer Big Kid Coloring Book. For $7.92, your true crime fan can express themselves creatively by coloring 37 notorious serial killers. With single sided pages that are perfect for framing or hanging on your mom’s fridge!  CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE. NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN.


For all those fancy murderinos that love sipping on wine while watching their favorite show, MurderApparel on Etsy might have your new favorite shirt. For $24.99 treat yo’self to this fashionable True Crime and Wine shirt. With unisex sizing, comfortable cotton material this shirt is ideal for an all day binge session or sleeping. 

True crime fans rejoice with these Limited Edition Charles Mansion Socks. Starting at $19.95 your true crime aficionado can wear America’s goofiest looking serial killer on their feet; preferably in their own home. Only 100 of these guys were made so we suggest acting fast. Already have way too many funny socks? Same. Which is why we also recommend the Charles Mansion shirt for $24.95!  

Sometimes your pets need to look their best too. Help them out with his adorable My Favorite Murder Logo Bandana. For $10 your pet can dawn this syylish bandana around the local dog park or favorite animal gathering to discuss murder. If your animal friend isn’t a bandana lover then we would suggest a collar! $20 for a Stay Sexy and Don’t Get Murdered dog collar and$15 for a cat collar in the same design. 

Home Decor 

Another gift that speaks for itself. With this “Probably Watching Dateline” doormat your neighbors will know it’s okay that they haven’t see you in a few days. Because you are probably watching Dateline. Get it? Available for $40 on ShopJosieB’s Etsy shop.

Also courtesy of the MFM team is this “Elvis, Want a Cookie” candle. This 9oz soy candle has a burn time of 50 hours and, yes, smells like cookies.



Fallon Marie Gannon