Vanity Fair just released an interview with Jason Reitman which reveals plot details about Ghostbusters: Afterlife and the story sounds like pretty solid ghostbusters fun! Along with the story details, there’s a new poster and first look images that show Finn Wolfhard, Mckenna Grace and Paul Rudd in the upcoming flick.

So far, only we pretty much only knew that the movie talks place in the present day and in the same world as the 1984 film. We saw a teaser earlier this year that showed someone tinkering with the Ecto-1 in barn. Now we know where that barn is! Oklahoma.

The story involves Callie (Carrie Coon) and her two kids, Phoebe (Grace) and Trevor (Wolfhard). Callie inherits her father’s house in Oklahoma. Callie’s father is a mystery to the audience and it seems to the family itself. Reitman says, “As the family arrives at an old farm, they begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters. Trevor and Phoebe are about to find out who their grandfather was and whether they’re ready to pick up the proton pack themselves.”

The ghostbusting events of 1984 are known in this world as the Manhattan Crossrip. Many folks have forgotten those events or consider them a myth. Except for Rudd’s character, teacher Mr. Grooberson. (Um, great name). When Phoebe and Trevor uncover some of their grandfather’s stuff including a PKE meter and the Ecto-1, Mr Grooberson is there to help.

So, is Callie’s father one of the OG ghostbusters? It seems so. But, which one?

Check out the Ghostbusters: Afterlife first look images and poster below. For more on the Jason Reitman interview, check out the Vanity Fair interview. The film comes out in Summer 2020.

Paul Rudd in Ghostbusters after life


mckenna grace in ghostbusters afterlife

ecto-1 in ghostbusters afterlife

finn wolfhard and the ecto-1 in ghostbusters afterlife

Audrey Kearns