Ghost Town Killer hit us with quite the cliffhanger last week! I won’t spoil it here in case you haven’t listened, but it was quite the heartstopper. Things keep rolling in this week’s episode of Jeremy Lutter and Marcy Waughtal‘s crime drama podcast series! In the third episode, “The Cutter,” Lilith (Dalila Bela) learns more about Amanda’s (Emily Tennant) life in Fort McBeth and Rick (Matthew MacCaull) proves he has a solid alibi the night of the murder.

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a recap and by nature, will contain spoilers! If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to this week’s episode of Ghost Town Killer – go check it out! You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

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“The Cutter” opens with a quick intro from Lilith and news recaps discussing Amanda’s murder and how shocking it was that she had an affair with Lucy (Olivia Cheng). They even paint Rick in this perfect man light even though we have seen that may not be the case. We then hear the shots ring out again and Lilith scream. Thankfully no harm has come to her, but it is clear Rick is trying to get a scare out of her by shooting in her direction.

Lilith recovers quickly and pockets the thing she finds in Ivan’s (Andre Tricoteux) bag before heading back to the car with Donovan (Dakota Daulby). He warns her that she isn’t strong enough to know what happened at the lake. They discuss covering for each other’s siblings and it’s pretty clear that Lilith doesn’t know much about her sister’s life after leaving Fort McBeth all those years ago. In fact, she doesn’t know much about anyone and vice versa.

Lilith heads back to her motel and meets with Tadashi (Hiro Kanagawa). She has finally come to terms with the idea that a ghost didn’t kill her sister. Tadashi has some ideas of his own about the case and that Lucy most likely isn’t behind all of this. Lilith opens up that she believes it’s Rick they should be looking at. Tadashi decides to investigate him further. It seems the two have partnered up but behind closed doors.

While in her motel room, Lilith remembers something from their childhood. Rick had gone off to trade school but kept a long-distance relationship with Amanda. When school started again, Amanda met a boy named Cody and the two hit it off. She continued to see Rick while he was home and then would go back to Cody while he was away.

When Rick returned that summer, he and Donovan took Cody to the local swim spot. This spot featured a jump-off point that could be deadly if the jumper didn’t clear the rocks below. Cody, unfortunately, met that fate. Though many speculated that Rick was behind Cody’s death and even may have pushed him, nothing ever came of it. It is also weird that, again, Donovan is the only other person who can vouch for Rick’s actions that day.

The next day Lilith meets up with Donovan for breakfast. It turns out that the organs Lilith found on her motel window came from a deer. She tries to ask him if they are following any more leads on Amanda’s murder. Donovan’s sister Tina (Sydney Scotia), who is serving them, overhears and shares that she believes it was Lucy too. She even refers to Amanda as a hippy.

“The Cutter” jumps to a phone call between Lilith and Tadashi. He asks her what she knows about Amanda’s relationship with Ivan. Tadashi and his crew were able to uncover a few calls that were made from Amanda’s phone to him the night of her murder. It turns out that he might have been close by, but they are having trouble trying to get his exact location.

Lilith decides to do some investigating of her own and goes to meet with Helen (Amanda Lisman), the principal where Amanda taught. She asks Helen if she knows about Amanda moving out, but Helen doesn’t know. She does share that Amanda was a fantastic teacher even though almost all the parents wanted her fired. They sent her death threats for being so open-minded. Lilith learns that the threats got worse when Amanda tried to host a Pride event.

Helen shares one particular threat that really unsettles Lilith. And it is even more surprising that the letter came from Ivan. Helen warns her to keep her guard up while she continues her investigation. Lilith runs into Tadashi outside of the school and the two have a few words. She tries to give Tadashi some inside information, but he warns her to let him do his job.

To broaden Lilith’s investigation, she joins Mayor Tiffany Harp (Johannah Newmarch) on her radio show. Tiffany wants to know more about Amanda’s upbringing, but Lilith has other plans. She asks Tiffany’s audience to share anything they might know about Amanda’s murder. This sets Tiffany off, who believes Lucy is behind the murder and even has some choice words about their relationship.

After the radio appearance, Lilith gets a message from bar owner Tyler (Craig March). Tyler shares with Lilith that things are tough at the Canary, similar to everything else in Fort McBeth. He also shares with her that Rick showed up a few weeks ago drunk and angry after learning about Amanda’s affair. Tyler tells Lilith that Rick threatened to kill Amanda and Tyler kicked him out. It turns out Tyler also spoke to Donovan about this incident too.

Lilith talks with Tadashi again and this time shares what she found in Ivan’s bag. It turns out it’s a burner phone that was used for his illegal organ selling with someone known as The Cutter. It turns out that there will be a drop-off tonight and Tadashi tells her that he will look into it. Lilith asks Tadashi to set Lucy free, but Tadashi warns her it’s too soon. He also shares a bit of his own troubled past and warns her not to get too attached to the case.

Tadashi invited Lilith to investigate the warehouse, knowing she is going with or without him. Let’s just say that Tadashi has some very odd tastes in music – even if it only started as a way to annoy Lilith. Tadashi also shares that he came to Canada to work as a homicide detective, which wasn’t possible in Japan.

Lilith and Tadashi stake out the warehouse and find Ivan waiting to meet with his accomplice. But that person never shows up and Tadashi uses that moment to stop Ivan. Tadashi tries to stop Lilith from opening the cooler, but she does and instead of finding organs, she finds pills and weed. She apologizes to Tadashi and the next morning; she is invited back to the police station to hear Tina’s testimony.

It turns out that Tina called Donovan and Rick over on the night of Amanda’s murder to help get her out of a tight spot. It turns out she was dating an abuser and attacked her that night. She turned to her brothers in order to stop him and get her out of the house. She had asked her brothers not to say anything originally because she didn’t want to become the talk of the town, but now that it looks like Rick might be in trouble, she needed to come forward.

This starts to blow holes in Lilith’s theory. Rick even comes forward and admits to getting angry about Amanda’s cheating. He even admits that he was angry enough to yell and throw some things around but never hit her. That night, Amanda left to go live somewhere else, but he didn’t kill her. He recognizes that Amanda had changed and that no matter how much he wanted her back, he knew it wouldn’t happen.

“The Cutter” jumps to Lilith and Ivan. Tadashi let him go since the charges most likely wouldn’t have held up in court. Lilith learns that Ivan was selling drugs to Amanda to help her calm her nerves. In fact, he met with her the night of her murder. The threats to the school were because Ivan’s wife thought the two were having an affair and his wife was the one writing them. While his wife was scary, he doesn’t believe she could have killed them.

Ivan also shares that he was helping Amanda with a scientific experiment that dealt with the environment but didn’t elaborate on what it actually entails. Lilith tries to get him to share who The Cutter was, but Ivan refuses to budge on a name.

As Lilith leaves the police station, Donovan stops her. He apologizes for lying but was just trying to protect Tina. With Rick’s true alibi, Lilith no longer views him as a suspect, but she still believes that someone is framing Lucy. Donovan agrees and invites Lilith over to “brainstorm” come ideas. However, she has some important business. Which she shares with us later that wasn’t true at all.

It turns out that she just wanted to be by herself and returns to the motel to play her guitar. As she is sitting there, an email comes in from Donovan. She shares that it’s a suicide email and that Donovan is going to kill himself. She calls the police and rushes to Tadashi’s room and the two head over to Donovan’s. They find him passed out in his bed with his windows sealed shut and a generator running. Even his CO2 detectors have been ripped out of the ceiling.

They rush him to a hospital outside of Fort McBeth while Lilith follows in the car behind them. On the radio, she overhears that the mineworkers are accepting a short-term solution to the ongoing issues and Rick isn’t happy about it. He feels like the town is being murdered right before their eyes. She is frustrated that there is no justice in the world and Tadashi shares this feeling. He found himself swimming in corruption on his previous job and was sent to Fort McBeth as a punishment.

“The Cutter” draws to a close as Lilith and Tadashi reach the hospital. We hear Donovan’s message to Lilith as the podcast closes out. Donovan shares that he doesn’t want to leave Fort McBeth and with the town dying, he is worried about being transferred out. He misses his wife and daughter and that his last memories of them were in this town. He would rather die than be forced to go elsewhere. Donovan ends the message by saying goodbye to Lilith.

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Jeremy and Marcy…I’m looking at you! I’m not crying…we just have allergies here in New Jersey! Again, Ghost Town Killer ends with another cliffhanger. Is Donovan dead? At first, I thought that maybe this message wasn’t from Donovan. That, someone, was making it look like his death was a suicide and not murder. He was so willing to help Lilith just a few hours beforehand. But that message, in the end, was heartbreaking. I am going to sit here all week just waiting for episode four to drop.

As far as Amanda’s murder goes – we are back at square one. Rick has a pretty solid alibi and Lucy is standing by her innocence. It even looks like Ivan isn’t the bad guy we thought he was. But we learned that Amanda had some pretty radical ideas (radical in the eyes of some pretty close-minded individuals) and brought her some scary threats. So, could her murder not be driven by her affair but instead her views? I am interested in learning more about this science project she was working on too.

The next episode of Ghost Town Killer airs on June 15, 2021! Are you ready?

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