We left off with another breathtaking cliffhanger for episode three of Ghost Town Killer! It’s so big I won’t even say it here in case you haven’t listened to the previous episode and, for some reason, thought starting this series on episode four was a good idea. Creators Jeremy Lutter and Marcy Waughtal, along with the entire cast of the series, have done such an amazing job so far. The story is addicting and once you’re drawn in, it’s hard to think of anything else. In episode four, “The Cannibal’s Test,” takes the investigation of Amanda Summer’s (Emily Tennant) in a whole new direction.

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a recap and by nature, will contain spoilers! If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to this week’s episode of Ghost Town Killer – go check it out! You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

TW: Suicide

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“The Cannibal’s Test” opens with Lilith (Dalila Bela), giving her listeners a bit of a backstory on Donovan (Dakota Daulbly). He had a wife and a daughter who were hit and killed by a drunk driver over two years before the events of the current story. Lilith shares that a few weeks prior, she had gone to visit Donovan and found him unconscious in his garage. All signs point to an attempt at suicide, but he blamed it on a faulty garage door. Lilith has a history of suicide and knows that Donovan must have been hiding something.

Finally, Lilith shares the ghost story that Donovan promised her not to tell but let her record. He shares that while home alone, he hears his wife and daughter in the garage. He knows it can’t be them because they both passed away, but he still goes to investigate. When he reaches the garage, the sound stops. He has been struggling with the idea of moving on with his life. He has even gone as far as attempting and when he did, he finally saw his wife. But this vision of her doesn’t tell him it’s time to die. Instead, she reminds him that there are people who still need him and his help.

He shares that these words are what convinced him not to go through with it and when he tried getting out of the car, he fell. When he finally awoke, he remembered seeing Lilith standing over him, asking him if he was okay. He then shares that this is the exact day that she reached out to him for help finding who killed her sister Amanda.

Lilith’s podcast switches gears and we overhear a phone conversation between her and Lucy (Olivia Cheng). This is how we learn that Donovan isn’t dead but in a coma. Of course, that doesn’t mean he is out of the woods, but it’s better than the alternative. Then Lucy and Lilith’s conversation switches to the case. Jia (Curtis Lam) still isn’t talking to his sister and Lilith opens up that he hasn’t been helpful with the investigation on her end. Lilith thinks it is because she is related to Rick (Matthew MacCaull) by marriage, but Lucy still wants her to try.

The next phone conversation is between Lilith and Jia. He is angry that she keeps poking her nose into the investigation and believes that this will only hurt Lucy’s chances. Lilith doesn’t let this stop her and tells him that Lucy just wants to see him. However, Jia has his hands tied now running the mine on his own and people are even less likely to work with him since they believe his sister is a murderer. He does end up promising to see what he can do, though.

While visiting Donovan at the hospital, Lilith runs into Tiffany Hart (Johannah Newmarch). The ice skater turned radio host turned mayor sure thinks that she is the only reason Fort McBeth has survived this entire time. Tiffany apologizes to Lilith and shares that they might have gotten off on the wrong foot. She even sees a bit of her younger self within Lilith and thinks she is doing all of this “investigating” for entertainment. Nevertheless, Tiffany gives Lilith her card just in case she needs her help in the future and flowers for Donovan.

In Donovan’s room, Lilith finds him awake! He even shares that he is happy to be alive! Lilith, in turn, shows him the suicide video she received the night before and we learn that he didn’t send that. He had recorded it a few days prior but more as trying to get his feelings out and not as a message. The last he remembers is going to sleep the night before and then waking up in the hospital. It looks like someone snuck in, tried to stage a suicide and sent the email to Lilith. They both think that someone is out to remove Donvan from the picture. Lilith thinks that it’s Amanda’s killer.

Lilith, Donovan and Tadashi (Hiro Kanagawa) meet together to take another look at all of their evidence. Tadashi believes that Lilith may have seen Amanda’s murderer that night and scared them away before they could finish the job. The question that is still left unanswered is when there would have been time to remove Amanda’s organs. They also believe that someone within the Fu household is framing Lucy and knows her schedule and had the time to plant the murder weapon. This gives the team two solid leads to look into.

Donovan investigates who would have had access to the murder weapon while Tadashi and Lilith head off to speak with the coroner. Lilith had done some research into him and learned that he lost his father recently. Lilith shares with her listeners that she changed some information about the coroner to protect his identity and plans to attend his father’s wake to get some information. She gets up the courage to talk with him and he agrees to share information with her after the event.

“The Cannibal’s Test” jumps to an interview between Lilith and the coroner, who has distorted his voice (William Foley). He is risking a lot talking with Lilith and shares that he was blackmailed. The coroner had a bad drug problem and even started selling drugs to feed his addiction. The blackmailer threatened to tell the coroner’s father everything if he didn’t take the organs from Amanda’s body and send the organs to them. Unfortunately, the coroner doesn’t know who his blackmailer was or what they needed the organs for.

Donovan pays a visit to Lucy, who is happy to see him alive but hesitant about talking to him. He opens up that he is working with Lilith and doesn’t think Lucy is responsible for Amanda’s murder. He just needs to know who would have know where to find Lucy’s hatchet and when to take it. The Fu family doesn’t keep a large staff and Lucy even says that they are like family. They all seem to know where the hatchets are kept.

When Donovan arrives at the Fu’s home, he finds Tiffany leaving. He thanks her for the flowers and pulled some strings to get more officers back in town to help with stuff. She shares that she cares about this town, unlike Jia, who she openly doesn’t like. Donovan asks her if she believes that Lucy is innocent and Tiffany shares that she is waiting to see what Lilith finds.

Donovan meets with Jia, who shares that Tanya comes to visit when she wants something. This time she wants Jia to stop the selling of the mine and pay the workers more. Because money just comes out of thin air, right? Things have been stressful on him with the Lucy and Amanda situation and he wishes he had more of a relationship with his sister, but being away from home didn’t help. Donovan explains that they believe Lucy is being set up and someone at the house must be involved. Jia doesn’t seem to believe that but supplies Donovan with information on them.

Lilith’s podcast jumps back to Lilith and Tadashi talking about the chance Amanda’s killer could also be a cannibal. Tadashi reminds her that they need to follow all the leads and this is one of them. Tadashi tells Lilith about a case he was on where the guy was actually a cannibal. They sent him to a psych ward and eventually, he got out and moved right near Fort McBeth. Tadashi shares that the guy changed his name to Leonard – like the Fu’s gardener!

Donovan seems to have picked Leonard to follow up on and heads out to his house. Donovan doesn’t get a response, but it does look like someone is home. In the distance, we hear a gunshot before hearing a man tell Donovan that the sign says no trespassing. This must be Leonard (Gabriel Carter). We jump back to Lilith and Tadashi, who are on their way to meet with Leonard as well.

Back at Leonard’s place, Donovan explains that he was just trying to ask the man a few questions and didn’t mean to interrupt the man’s dinner. Donovan tries to get Leonard to open up about Amanda’s murder, but he claims he had nothing to do with it. He does tell him that he would be willing to answer more of Donovan’s questions if he agrees to take a walk with him.

“The Cannibal’s Test” switches gear again. The next few minutes flip back and forth between the interview between Tadashi and Leonard nine years prior and Donovan and Leonard now. We learn that Leonard killed the woman at the lake in the past because the devil told him to do so. That because of his actions, he saved so many lives. The devil even told him to eat the woman’s flesh.

In the present, we learn that Leonard may have seen someone near the toolshed that night but wants protection for the information he is providing. Donovan gets a call from Lilith though the connection is a bit rough so far out in the wilderness. She tells him that they are on their way and that Tadashi thinks Amanda’s case is connected to the cannibal case from before.

When she tries to share the guy’s new name, they lose connection. Leonard believes that if Donovan can get him somewhere safe, he will be able to jog his memory and tell them who snuck into the shed that night and took the hatchet. It jumps back to Tadashi’s interview as he asks him if the devil told him to do it again, would he? And Leonard shares that he would. Lilith cuts in to share that partaking in cannibalism comes from obtaining the power of the dead individual. Similar to how Leonard mentioned gaining the deer’s power by eating its heart earlier.

Donovan tells Leonard that he can guarantee his safety but needs the information. Leonard shifts gears and asks Donovan if he regrets anything in life and if he can baptize him. Leonard submerges himself into the water and asks Donovan to join him. Donovan is hesitant at first but decides to do so. He tells the listeners that he will turn off the recorder and join Lenoard in the water. And this is where episode four of Ghost Town Killer comes to a close.

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Donovan – we need to talk. You just survived one attempt on your life and now you think it’s safe to walk into a lake with this guy? Even without knowing who he was before, you would think our favorite officer would be able to put some things together and decide to wait on Lilith and Tadashi. Speaking of those two, I love how they are bonding. Tadashi was very cold in the first episode, but now it seems he is willing to think of Lilith as a partner and wants her help.

As far as who Amanda’s killer is? I am at a loss on where to shuffle the blame. It would be easy to say Leonard is responsible, but I think that we will get a few more possible suspects before this draws to a close. However, I am still keeping a close eye on this Leonard situation. When episode five kicks off, I had better hear Donovan turning that recorder back on and talking about how weird this whole thing is!

The next episode of Ghost Town Killer airs on June 22, 2021! Are you ready?

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