We are here, guys, the final episode of Ghost Town Killer. A big thank you to Jeremy Lutter and Marcy Waughtal for allowing us to be a part of this fantastic story! From episode one until now, we have gone through a rollercoaster of emotions as Lilith (Dalila Bela) investigated her sister Amanda’s (Emily Tennant) mysterious death. Signs have pointed to a serial killer ghost to a heartbroken ex-girlfriend and even to an angry husband. But it seems the closer we get to the answer, things get more confusing. In the final episode, “Amanda’s Secret,” the truth of Amanda’s murder comes to light.

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a recap and, by nature, will contain spoilers! If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to this week’s episode of Ghost Town Killer – go check it out! You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

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“Amanda’s Secret” opens with flashback audio of a younger Lilith and Amanda performing their first séance channeling Agnus McVee. We hear Agnus speak through Amanda before the audio cuts off. We then hear Lilith playing her guitar before smashing it and crying out angrily, which is where episode five came to a close. She doesn’t want to stay at Donovan’s (Dakota Daulby) house, so she reaches out to Tiffany Hart (Johannah Newmarch).

Tiffany lets Lilith stay the night and the two share a quick nightcap while discussing the news about Jia (Curtis Lam). Lilith thought it was odd that all of a sudden, he wanted to be a part of the investigation after trying to stay far from it. Tiffany leaves her to head to bed and Lilith decides to reach out to her sister using a communication pendulum. Amanda’s spirit warns her that she will get hurt if she continues the investigation and warns her not to continue.

Lilith shares a few news stories about the recent events which paint Jia as the possible killer. Lilith then tries to reach out to Leonard (Gabriel Carter), who is no longer answering her calls. She decides to test her luck with Jia instead. She finds a group of miners grouped together at the front gate. Rick (Matthew MacCaull) is inciting the crowd over the recent layoffs. Rick wants Jia to come down and talk to him face to face. Lilith tries to calm the crowd down by explaining that Jia isn’t to blame for their jobs, that the price of coal is dropping everywhere and that their jobs are most likely not coming back.

Lilith sneaks into the back and finds Jia taking practice shots. He is angry that Lilith would even show up there. His lawyers had warned him not to get involved and let them handle Lucy’s (Olivia Cheng) situation, but he didn’t listen and now he is being framed for murder. Now he has the whole world hunting him down because of her. He tells her to leave and not come back.

“Amanda’s Secret” jumps to a phone call between Lilith and Lucy. It turns out that Jia has finally decided he wants to meet with her after all this time. Lucy isn’t sure if she should and shares with Lilith that in the event one of the two is convicted of a crime, they lose their ownership of the mine. Lilith knows that this doesn’t look good for Jia. He could easily frame his sister to get her out of the way. Lilith does, however, believe that Lucy should meet with Jia and shares that she regrets not speaking to Amanda more.

After Lilith ties up the phone call, she shares that she needs a new place to stay. She decides to go back to where she grew up, Prospector’s Trailer Park. The landlord, Patricia (Nancy Robertson), recognizes her right away and even calls her Chelsea. Patricia shares that things have been awfully quiet in the last few years as families are moving out and other homes are going into foreclosure. Lilith asks if she has any open places to stay for a bit and Patricia hands over the keys to Amanda’s place.

It turns out when Amanda left Rick and Lucy, she came to Prospector’s Park to hide away. She had asked Patricia not to say anything to anyone, but she didn’t see the harm as Lilith is her sister. Lilith takes the keys and finds her way to Amanda’s unit, where someone just so happens to be breaking in to. When Lilith catches up to the girl (Haylee Erickson), she learns it’s just a young, hungry girl looking for food.

Lilith returns to Amanda’s trailer and starts going through her stuff. She ends up finding an audio diary left behind by Amanda. In Amanda’s own words, we hear how she has been testing the town’s water and that it is contaminated by the mine and causing people to get sick. She knew coming forward with the information would hurt both Lucy and Rick since it would mean the mine itself would have to be closed down. We also learn that Amanda came to the trailer park to hide after Jia confronted her about her relationship with Lucy and forced her to break it off.

Lilith finds the samples and test results and calls Tiffany. She asks if she can come on the show and that she has some pretty groundbreaking news. However, Tiffany won’t let her on and that the last time was a mistake, all of this won’t bring her sister back. Lilith tries to tell her that this is bigger than her sister. This is something everyone needs to hear. Tiffany still doesn’t budge and Lilith hangs up with her and swaps to a call with Leonard.

Leonard tells her that he needs to talk with her in person and to come over right away. She heads out to his place and Leonard tells her that he wasn’t sure if anyone would believe him at first, which is why he never came forward. Because of this, he took photos of who took the hatchet from Lucy’s workshed and stashed them at the Goldcreek saloon. He knew he was going against a very powerful person and was worried about what might happen.

But before Lilith can learn anymore, someone opens fire on Leonard’s house. She makes it out safely, but Leonard dies. Lilith gets a hold of Donovan and explains everything that happened. She asks him to head out to Goldcreek with her, but he won’t. It’s Christmas eve and he just wants a night of peace. Lilith decides that Leonard’s dying wish is worth investigating on her own and heads out on her own.

In Goldcreek, she finds the saloon, which has been covered top to bottom in murals of Amanda. Lilith starts searching for the photos Leonard stashed here. She finds a box with photos and Amanda and Lilith as children along with a flask of whiskey. Lilith uses the whiskey to warm up a bit before continuing her search. Using the clue Leonard left her, ‘the truth is in the eye of the beholder’ Lilith realizes that there is a secret compartment in one for the mural’s eyes. She finally finds the photos and snaps a few photos of them.

Just as she is about to send them off, a shot rings out right near Lilith. We then hear Tiffany enter the saloon, congratulating Lilith on finding the box. She tells her to hand them over and forget she was ever there. Lilith, however, threatens to send them to Donovan and prove that Tiffany was behind her sister’s murder. Tiffany gives her two options. One, hand over all the evidence to be destroyed and drop the crusade to save Lucy or two, die of a drug overdose from the fentanyl in the whiskey Tiffany left for her to find. If Lilith drops everything, she will give her the antidote.

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But Lilith was already on to Tiffany! She knew that the suicide of Sophie was odd, including that it almost happened to Donovan as well. While Lilith was in Montreal, she took the suicide letter and then snagged a hair from Tiffany’s hairbrush when she spent the night. She sent the two out to see if the DNA matched. This doesn’t phase tiffany because she caught wind of Lilith’s plan and had a friend tamper with the results. Tiffany then burns the letter to make sure it’s gone for good while admitting to pushing Sophie in front of the train.

Lilith finally realizes that Tiffany knew all along about Amanda’s experiments. Amanda most likely went to her when she got the results and tried to get her to share them with the people. Tiffany killed her to keep her quiet and pinned it on Lucy. Both of them would have resulted in killing Fort McBeth and left Tiffany the mayor of nothing. Tiffany knows the people don’t want to truth. They want to leave happy, blissful lives without knowing all of the town’s dirty secrets.

Lilith realizes that this is why people made up ghosts like Agnes McVee. It was easier to create a boogie monster than admit that people in their town could do terrible things to each other. Tiffany believes that losing a few people but having the town live on is the only good option, but Lilith believes that those people should be given a choice to seek treatment.

Lilith then realizes that Tiffany must be behind Tadashi’s (Hiro Kanagawa) disappearance. All Tiffany will admit is that she might have slipped and let some horrible people know that he was in town. But she doesn’t know where to go. Tiffany warns Lilith that she is running out of time and making her choice, so Lilith decides to check with her sister using her communication pendulum. Lilith reaches out and asks her sister questions like if she wants to frame Lucy for her murder.

There is a loud bang outside, most likely from the wind, and Lilith uses it as a distraction and tries to take the gun from Tiffany, but she is too weak. She quickly sends the photos off to Donovan and Tiffany leaves her to die. In her final moments, Lilith tells the listeners that she didn’t commit suicide and that her death is murder. She also tells us that she knows Amanda’s secret from the Christmas on the lake and that she forgives her for it, though she doesn’t tell us what it is. She signs off the podcast not using the name Lilith but Chelsea Summers.

“Amanda’s Secret” jumps to Donovan. He fills in the listeners that Lilith uncovered Amanda’s secret while staying at her trailer. On a thumb drive, there was a video where Amanda talked about being sick with cancer. She was waiting to tell her when she saw her in person, but she never came home. Amanda saw that Lilith was throwing herself into her podcast, but she never really seemed happy. Amanda convinced Rick to rent a cabin on the lake for Christmas, but Lilith never answered her calls.

During that trip, Amanda shared with the others her biggest secret. That she wasn’t a clairvoyant, she was just putting on an act for Lilith because it made her happy. Amanda shared that she felt responsible for the podcast because she continued to put on these fake shows for Lilith when they were children. She never realized that one day it would be what tore them apart.

We then jump to a conversation between Jia and Lucy. The charges were all dropped and Jia dropped in to see her. She isn’t surprised that now that she is free, he would pop in, but he reminds her that he did try to come before and she wouldn’t allow it. Jia also tells her about his trip to Montreal and that she should go to art school there. She isn’t sure that’s the best idea since they both own the mine, but he tells her she can always attend the meetings through zoom.

He also shares that while he was there, he spoke to a friend about her art. They were so impressed with the story and the murals, and they want to help her set up an art show with them. Lucy is so overcome with happiness that she bursts into tears which surprises Jia. It looks like the two of them are going to be able to patch up their sibling relationship after all.

We then hear from Donovan again, who reports that he found Lilith at the saloon in Goldcreek. In the background, we hear Lilith tell Donovan that she goes by Chelsea now, which gets Donovan going. It seems like he just got used to calling her Lilith. It is New Year’s Eve and Chelsea is alive and well in the hospital. Tiffany has been taken into custody and all seems to be going well.

Chelsea tells listeners that she will be moving away from the paranormal to focus on more true crime content. Ghosts don’t send gift baskets full of goodies when she gets their murder convictions overturned. She also points out the flowers which came from Donovan himself. He shares that he went to see the florist, who also happens to be Madame Rose (Ethel Pitchford). She got him to participate in a séance with his dead wife where he asked for Heather’s forgiveness, but he realized that he really needs to forgive himself.

Later on, Chelsea and Donovan are back at his house. He thinks she should be resting, but Chelsea knows that a good podcaster is always thinking about her next show. Donovan asks if she has anything in mind and she does – investigate Tadashi’s disappearance. Of course, this frightens Donovan, but Chelsea isn’t going to let up. “Amanda’s Secret” comes to a close with both and them signing off and saying goodbye until the next episode.

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What an ending! Ghost Town Killer does a lot really well, but my favorite part is how they keep you guessing until the very end. And nothing is as satisfying as watching all the pieces fall into place. Tiffany, the corrupt politician who wasn’t ready to let go of her warm spot at the top, killed Amanda to stop the truth about the town from coming out! And now, when I think back to previous episodes, it all starts to make sense! She used her power to uncover where they were in their investigation and stay two steps ahead the entire time!

But this isn’t just a murder mystery. Lilith, now going by Chelsea Summers again, started the series feeling disconnected from her sister Amanda. There was so much she didn’t know and didn’t understand. And each episode she uncovered more and more about Amanda’s life and felt closer to her than ever before. Chelsea finally came to terms with Amanda’s death and forgave herself for how their relationship drifted apart while they were alive.

I am so hopeful that we will get a second season of Ghost Town Killer because not knowing what happened to Tadashi is a cliffhanger that I don’t think I can live with!

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