Things got pretty intense awfully fast in the first episode of Jeremy Lutter and Marcy Waughtal‘s newest crime drama podcast Ghost Town Killer. We were introduced to some key players in episode one as Lilith Black (Dalila Bela) began to investigate her sister Amanda’s (Emily Tennant) murder. Could it have been her husband Rick (Matthew MacCaull)? Or was it her secret lover Lucy Fu (Olivia Cheng)? Or was Lilith right when she said that she thinks Amanda’s killer is from the other side? In episode two, “Rick’s Whereabouts,” all signs point to a living killer and Lilith uncovers other nefarious things happening around town.

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a recap and by nature, will contain spoilers! If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to this week’s episode of Ghost Town Killer – go check it out! You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

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“Rick’s Whereabouts” opens as Lilith starts preparing for her second podcast episode. The news is buzzing with her claim that a supernatural being killed Amanda. The haunted hotel that Amanda died was owned by a serial killer known as Agnes McVee. The news makes Lilith’s claim seem sensationalized, but we know one thing for sure, everyone has their eyes on her new podcast.

Lilith decides it’s best to try and reach back out to Lucy to get more answers. She finds Lucy handing out coats to disadvantaged kids. Lucy agrees to chat and have to conversation recorded, knowing now that she has nothing to hide. Lilith and Lucy discuss why Lucy never chose to “come out” to the town, but Lucy sees it as her sexual preference is no one’s business (and she’s right!). She never wanted to give the town another reason to hate her and even her family isn’t talking to her now that they know she is gay.

Before Lilith can follow up on her first question, Donovan McKenzie (Dakota Daulby) arrives and arrests Lucy for Amanda’s murder. Donavan tells Lilith to turn off her recording and the next we hear is the news stations again talking about Lucy’s murder. They share that the police are confident that they have the right culprit. Lilith hops back on and shares that they found a hatchet with Amanda’s blood and Lucy’s fingerprints, was found near the crime scene.

Lilith is able to meet with Lucy again, who opens up about her relationship with Amanda. She drops a major bomb on Lilith in the form of Amanda and Rick’s relationship. Lucy explains that Rick was angry that Amanda was “sleeping with the enemy” when he thought she was secretly seeing Lucy’s brother Jiu (Curtis Lam) and beat her up for her. Amanda moved out and wouldn’t tell anyone where she was staying in order to hide from Rick. Lucy asks Lilith for help to find evidence that Rick was behind it and doesn’t want to hear Lilith’s theory on it being a ghost.

Lilith’s podcast cuts to another set of news segments discussing a strike taking place at the mine with Rick at its forefront. Lilith decides to meet with Jiu and share that Lucy thinks Rick is framing her. However, Jiu doesn’t seem to agree. Actually, he thinks Lucy is guilty and angry that she didn’t find someone else to date. He tells Lilith to drop this whole investigation.

Not getting any help from the living, Lilith decides to try and reach out to Amanda in the afterlife. She seeks out Madame Rose (Ethel Pitchford) to help her. Lilith isn’t allowed to record, but Madame Rose supplies her with a recording of the visit. They discuss Madame Rose’s background as a botanist before diving into the séance. Finally, they are able to reach Amanda and through Madame Rose, she tells Lilith that it wasn’t a ghost who killed her but won’t tell her who it was. She wants her to find out on her own, though she does tell her to look into McKenzie and a Christmas on the lake.

Lilith decides to visit Rick to continue her investigation. They discuss Rick’s whereabouts the night Amanda was killed. He claims he spent a night in playing poker with Donavan, which is awfully suspicious since his brother is leading the investigation into Amanda’s death. Lilith switches up her questioning and asks about the clue Amanda gave her. Rick only admits that they went but won’t talk about what happened. He actually blames Lilith for not knowing because she didn’t show up.

Lilith hits him with the big rumor and asks if he beat Amanda. This clearly angers Rick, who then forcefully removes Lilith from his house. Lilith shares with her listeners that this isn’t a side of Rick she has ever seen and is actually afraid of him and doesn’t know what to think. She returns to her motel and while trying to play her guitar, she is drowned out by other music. She goes to investigate the seemly empty hotel when she finds Tadashi Hamamoto (Hiro Kanagawa) has been staying here as well.

The two discuss Lilith’s belief that a ghost is responsible for Amanda’s death. Tadashi thinks she really needs to open up to other possibilities. As a journalist, she should be willing to venture down different avenues to come to her conclusion. He even took a look into this Agnes lady but couldn’t find anything that even proved she was a real person.

Lilith returns to her room to continue her investigation and listens to recordings she has of Amanda. One of them is a list of questions Lilith gave to Amanda on her wedding day. The idea was she would answer them and in ten years get to relisten to them to see how things have changed. During one of the final questions, Amanda talks about some advice she would give her future self. She monologues about Rick and how he is great but that she is also scared of him and that if she isn’t happy, she needs to leave.

As Lilith is finishing up listen to Amanda’s tape, she hears banging outside her motel room. She thinks it is the kids again with snowballs, but she realizes how wrong she is. Outside, someone was throwing pieces of organs at her window. She manages to calm herself down long enough to put them into a cooler and take them to Donovan’s house. He lets her crash on his couch while he takes them down to the police station.

When he returns, the two discuss their hookup at Amanda and Rick’s wedding and Lilith apologizes for ghosting him. She asks him to tell her his little ghost story about his house and he agrees as long as she doesn’t put it in her podcast. Lilith does tell us that it’s good but will keep her promise. She records the next bit, though, where she asks Donovan about the Christmas on the lake and Rick’s alibi. Donovan promised Amanda not to tell Lilith what happened.

But the big thing is that Donovan tells Lilith he and Rick were out the night of Amanda’s murder. She knows one of them is lying and visits Rick’s neighbor Chuck (Ben Rollo). He tells Lilith that Rick left that night and came back the next morning. Lilith decides to start question gas stations around and finds someone who might have seen something. The gas station attendant Clyde (Chris Gabel) isn’t forthcoming at first but opens up that he saw Rick and Donovan come through late at night with another hooded fella. He did notice that Rick had blood all over him and blamed it on a mining accident.

Lilith decides to head back out to speak with Donovan and on the way, gets a call from Lucy. She was denied bail and warned not to talk to Lilith, but she needs someone else to look into everything. Lucy wanted to pass on some information that one of her guys found out that Ivan Molotov (Andre Tricoteux) deals in illegal human organ trafficking and just maybe that would explain Amanda’s missing organs.

Lilith is able to talk to Donovan for a brief moment and he won’t tell her what is happening but just that he didn’t want to get involved in the first place. Before he can share more, Rick and Ivan show up. Donovan tries to get her to leave, but Rick and Ivan convince her to stay. When Lilith finds herself along with Rick, he warns her not to poke her nose around where it doesn’t belong.

When she is finally left alone, she takes a peek into Ivan’s bag. She finds something, but before she can tell us, a shot rings out and she screams as Ghost Town Killer‘s second episode comes to a close.

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Talk about a cliffhanger! Things are really heating up in episode two of Ghost Town Killer. I need to know what happened to Lilith! Was she shot? Or did something in the bag scare her and the shot just happened to go off at the same time? Did Rick do this? He really doesn’t want her looking into what is going on and I can guess why. If he is involved with illegal organ trafficking, he will definitely want to cover it up.

But does this have to do with Amanda’s murder? Or did the killer want to let Rick know that they know exactly what he is doing? There are so many possibilities and the only way we will know is for Lilith to get to the bottom of this. “Rick’s Whereabouts” was a fantastic listen and the suspense built up throughout was top-notch. I will have to put together my own little board breaking down all this evidence and those involved!

The next episode of Ghost Town Killer releases next Tuesday, June 8, 2021! Are you ready?


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