We are nearly done with Ghost Town Killer and I have so many questions for Jeremy Lutter and Marcy Waughtal! Most importantly, does it have to end? Episode four left us with another cliffhanger, but it does seem like after some setbacks, Lilith (Dalila Bela) is back on track with uncovering who killed Amanda (Emily Tennant). In episode five, “Missed Call,” Lilith follows a new lead and we learn that not everything is what it appears to be.

DISCLAIMER: The following post is a recap and, by nature, will contain spoilers! If you haven’t gotten the chance to listen to this week’s episode of Ghost Town Killer – go check it out! You can listen to it on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or Stitcher!

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“Missed Call” opens with the same phone call between Lilith and Donovan (Dakota Daulby). This time we hear Lilith’s side before the call drops due to bad cell service. She then gets a phone call from Lucy (Olivia Cheng), who is angry that Lilith set Donovan to question her staff, including Leonard (Gabriel Carter). Lilith begins to put the pieces together and realizes that Donovan is with Prince George’s cannibal killer right now, but he doesn’t answer when she tries to call.

Lilith and Tadashi (Hiro Kanagawa) rush to the falls to find Leonard and Donovan in the water. She explains who Leonard really is, but Leonard swears that he has changed. He no longer listens to the voices and didn’t let them follow him here. Donovan, clearly not happy to be in freezing water with a cannibal killer, makes his way out and the group gets out of there.

Donovan is worried that Tadashi and Lilith might have scared Leonard out of talking. But, Tadashi reminds them that even if Leonard told them the truth, his word wouldn’t hold up in court since he is a killer himself. But Lilith just wants to know the truth and find a way to take the real killer down.

Later on, Lilith gets a phone call from Jia (Curtis Lam), who, after listening to her podcast, is ready to help Lilith find out who is framing Lucy and murdered Amanda. He was even surprised to find out that Leonard was a killer. Lilith shares that Leonard did have an alibi the night of Amanda’s murder that many people can attest to. The Pastor even believes that Leonard is a changed man and regretful for his past actions. Jia decides to do some digging of his own and openly share it with Lilith when he finds something.

Back at the motel, Lilith hears tapping on her motel window while she is playing. She decides to check and see who it is, but there is no one she can see. She tries calling out and then out of nowhere; someone breaks the window glass with a hatchet. Lilith rushes off to Tadashi’s room and he warns her to start staying somewhere else. She decides the next safest place to stay is Donovan’s house. The two have a music session to help alleviate the stress from everything that has been going on.

Lilith and Donovan wake up the next morning to a few missed calls from Tadashi. When he doesn’t answer, the two decide to pay him a visit. When he doesn’t answer the door, Lilith calls and hears the phone inside. They get the keys from the motel manager and find Tadashi’s things but not him. Lilith thinks he might be chasing a lead, but Donovan points out that Tadashi wouldn’t leave without his phone and gun. Someone forced him out of that hotel room.

They give their statements to the police, but there is little they can do. Finally, they decide to head out and Lilith snags Tadashi’s notebook from the hotel room. It turns out he took a lot of notes on everyone. On the last page, Tadashi wrote out the question, ‘Who is Sophie Tremblay?’ He also wrote out ‘library’ with a long number. Lilith texts Jia and the three of them head over to the library to follow up.

Donovan isn’t thrilled that Jia is joining the investigation and leaves Lilith and Jia to continue the search while he investigates Tadashi. Jia and Lilith question the librarian Samantha (Tamara Van Horne) about Sophie Tremblay. She doesn’t know about Sophie, but she does know Tadashi. He had come to the library to take a look at the old records on microfilm quite often.

Lilith realizes the number he wrong down was a date and on that day’s paper, they find an article about a local skater – Tiffany Hart (Johannah Newmarch). It is more of a fluff piece, but Lilith notices that at the end, they share the Tiffany only made the team because Sophie Tremblay unexpectedly died. Jia books two tickets to Montreal to learn more about what happened to Sophie Tremblay.

Lilith then gets a call from Donovan, who has found Tadashi’s car. They go to meet him and Donovan isn’t happy that Jia is there. He thinks that Jia may be behind Tadashi’s disappearance as revenge for locking up Lucy and tells Lilith to leave him in the car. Tadashi’s car is left near a forest trail on a back road no one travels on and there are no signs of footprints walking in any direction. Lilith is worried that they left the car there and moved him into another one. Jia tries to chime in, but Donovan forces him off the scene.

“Missed Call” jumps to a few brief commercials talking about Tadashi, including one from Tiffany Hart, who blames Lucy Fu and the fact that she has money and powerful friends. Jia shares with Lilith that he had some people look into Tiffany. They learned about a farmer who had run against her for mayor but eventually dropped from the race. They decide to go have a chat with the guy and see what they can learn about Tiffany.

Lilith and Jia sit down with Billy (Nevin Burkholder), who shares how special Amanda was and was also one of his customers. They discuss his run for mayor and he shares that he wanted to make a change for the city and knew Tiffany didn’t have a plan. At the beginning of his campaign, he got threats made up of letters cut out of newspapers just telling him to drop out. But then it got worse. Someone snuck into his barn and killed his goats, then used their blood to write stop on the barn wall. Billy decided then it was time to stop.

Lilith tries to get ahold of Donovan, but he isn’t answering her. She decides to spend the night at the Fu household when she gets a call from Lucy. She is surprised the Jia is actually helping with the investigation. Donovan finally calls back and tells Lilith to lay off Tiffany, that she is doing good for this town. But Lilith reminds him that she is just picking up where Tadashi left off, but Donovan is worried she will get herself into trouble like him.

The next morning, Lilith and Jia head off to Montreal. They get a rather chatty ride-share driver (Donovan Barker) who tries to ask questions before Lilith shuts him down. Once in the city, they head off to Sophie’s parents’ house. They try to get Alice (Julie Oliver) to talk to them about Sophie, but she refuses. Lilith doesn’t have a plan b; she never does. Jia seems to be the same way and the two share some personal secrets about leaving home and returning with hopes of fixing relationships with their family. They decide that they need to seek out others to learn about Sophie.

Back in Fort McBeth, Donovan meets with Ben (William Foley), the motel owner. He shares that Tadashi was a good guy who didn’t ask for much. On the night of his disappearance, he saw a fancy car drive up to his room and speed off a few moments later. Donovan shows Billy a picture of Jia Fu’s car and Billy tells Donovan that the one he saw looked like it.

In Montreal, Lilith and Jia meet with Jacquelyn (Myriam Huard), another skater who knew Sophie. She isn’t keen on speaking with them during her lessons, but they get her to talk afterward. It turns out Jacquelyn didn’t know Sophie died and thought she had just up and left. They were best friends and grew up skating together, but Sophie just dropped off the face of the Earth. Jacquelyn asks Lilith and Jia to let her know when they find out how she died.

Lilith and Jia return to the Tremblay’s to try and get more answers. They wait outside until Alice returns home from work. At first, she wants nothing to do with them, but when Jia explains why they are there and this time, she agrees. Alice opens up that Sophie lept in front of a train while waiting for her connecting train to practice. A few days later, Alice and her husband received a letter from Sophie explaining that they pushed her too hard and was unhappy. Alice gives them a tour of Sophie’s room which shows a bright girl with lots of talent.

“Missed Call” jumps back to Fort McBeth for a quick moment where Donovan is taking a witness statement from Leonard. It turns out that Leonard saw Jia poking around in the shed and took Lucy’s hatchet the night of the murder.

Lilith and Jia return home with little to show for their trip. They share some wine and discuss how the mine is dying. Jia knows he needs to sell the mine before he loses everything, but he isn’t sure he can do it. The police arrive and begin searching the place. Jia believes because they are rich that they are above the law. During their investigation, the police find a burner phone with messages to the coroner about Amanda’s organs. Jia claims that it isn’t his, but Lilith isn’t sure what to believe.

She steps away to allow the police to finish their investigation. Afterward, Donovan stops to check on her and tells her that she can stay there. He doesn’t feel right staying in the house with her. That if he weren’t playing music and drinking with Lilith, then he would have been able to answer Tadashi’s calls. Donovan leaves Lilith to stay at the house and heads off to the motel.

Lilith finally checks her voicemail and there is a message from Tadashi. He tells her that she’s a good investigator but to know that there are always false clues along the way and to be sure to stay focused. The fifth episode of Ghost Town Killer comes to a close between Lilith playing the guitar and news about a body found in the woods that the town believes belongs to Tadashi. In the final moments, Lilith smashes her guitar upset that she is failing all of those around her.

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This episode of Ghost Town Killer was a rollercoaster! With Tadashi going missing and then possibly being found dead (I am still hopeful that this isn’t the end of him and the body parts are just to throw people off) to Jia wanted to finally help the investigation and then it turned out he might actually have something to do with all of this – it’s been a wild ride. Honestly, I have no idea if Jia or Tiffany is behind this or if we will get one more turn before the final episode comes to a close.

What I do know is that I can’t wait for this final episode. I have spent the last few hours going back through all of the episodes, figuring out what clues I might have missed and where things are headed and I have my guesses, but I need concrete answers. We need Lucy out of jail, the killer locked away and Fort McBeth on the path to healing. Plus, I need Lilith to finally get the chance to truly mourn her sister. If you have been keeping up, who do you think it is?

The sixth episode of Ghost Town Killer will drop on Tuesday, June 29, 2021! Are you ready?

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