This past weekend at The Game Awards, we got a look at a number of exciting and upcoming titles in the Video Games world! This event is not just about celebrating the best games of the past year, but also celebrating all of the amazing games we can expect to play in 2019 and beyond! Here’s a look at our favorite trailers and announcements from that night!

The Outer Worlds

From the brilliant minds behind the original Fallout games and Fallout: New Vegas comes a hilarious, action-packed open-world title set in the most open world there is: space. Just from the trailer alone, you immediately get a sense of the wacky and detailed worlds that Obsidian is known for. Players can expect great gameplay, unforgettable NPCs and more. The Outer Worlds has become one of MY most anticipated titles of 2019. 

Dragon Age – The Dread Wolf Rises

Although we ONLY got a teaser, Dragon Age fans around the world rejoiced with the announcement of a new game. With the title “The Dread Wolf Rises,” one can assume it picks up IMMEDIATELY after Dragon Age: Inquisition, specifically the Trespasser DLC. We know this: Thedas’ end is quickly approaching. Who will be the one to stop it? We’ll just have to wait for more trailers and teasers in order to find out!

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Psychonauts 2

The crowd-funded sequel for the beloved 2009 platformer is on the way! During The Game Awards, we got a delightfully detailed look at Psychonauts 2! Produced by Double Fine, this game is sure to pack as much fun and challenging platforming gameplay as the first. If you have not played the first Psychonauts, I highly recommend going to Steam and grabbing it for yourself. 

Far Cry: New Dawn

The apocalypse is colorful and bright in Ubisoft’s Far Cry: New Dawn! In this explosive sequel, players will explore the United States 15 years after the events at the end of Far Cry 5. We get a quick look at the gameplay as well as our main adversaries. This title turns the post-apocalyptic art style on its head, and I’m excited to see more Far Cry: New Dawn in the months leading up to its release!

Devil May Cry 5

It’s time to send some Demons back to Hell! In the latest Devil May Cry 5 trailer, we get a look at Dante, Nero, and the mysterious new character “V”.  In the trailer alone, we see that each character comes with their own unique gameplay style, which will make destroying demons that much more fun! Likewise, the game looks fantastic thanks to Capcom‘s RE Engine (also used in  Resident Evil 7: Biohazard). Could “V” possibly be a descendant or relative of Vergil? I guess we’ll have to play in 2019 and find out!

Among Trees

While the trailer for Among Trees doesn’t provide us with too much, there is one thing we can pull from this game: it’s breathtaking. The visuals and color scheme make this game eerie and calming at the same time. What we can infer from the trailer and the website is that this title is a sandbox survival game that focuses on isolation. I personally cannot wait for more trailers and information about Among Trees and am signing up for early access as well! 

What were your favorite trailers from The Game Awards? Do you have a Most Anticipated Game of 2019? Let us know in the comments below!


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