The movie we’ve all been waiting for is out so soon. Avengers: Infinity War will be out worldwide this Friday! The stakes are huge and while anticipation builds, there’s just a few things on our mind. We here at GGA are super excited and wanted to share some of our predictions for the film and the future of the MCU.


Where is the Soul Stone?

Erin: I’ve been on the train of thinking it’s in Heimdall’s eyes. 

Noetta: There is a meteor under Wakanda. It has to be there. 

Leona: I think Captain Marvel has it.


Who Will Die?

Noetta: On my list are Vision, Captain America, and Loki. 

Erin: Nebula, Wong, Captain America (-SOB-), Drax, Mantis, Loki, Pepper Potts, Scarlet Witch, Vision, Iron Man.

Leona: Vision, Wong, Bucky and Nebula are in the greatest danger, in terms of their deaths being potential drivers for future actions by the people who care about them.


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Which Infinity Stones Will Thanos Have at the End of This Film?

Noetta: Tesseract/Space Stone, The Mind Stone, The Aether/Reality Stone, The Orb/Power Stone. Only because all of those are off world.

Erin: All of them.

Leona: At the end he will have zero, because he will also be dead. At his peak, he’ll probably have the Mind Stone, Time Stone, Power Stone and Reality Stone. He’ll be defeated trying to get the Space Stone. The Soul Stone will give us the lead-in to the next one.


Where Do You See the MCU After The Next Two Avengers Movies?

Leona: They’ll be like “These ones with women & POC sure are profitable. How can we lean into that?” Then it’ll be Lady Thor, She-Hulk, Shuri, etc. for the next 10 years with dude sidekicks.

Erin: I believe they’re rolling out the red carpet for the “B team”, trying to phase out the original characters and bring the newer ones to the forefront, which means taking out the original team. Also I think Bucky or Falcon will hold the mantle of Captain America.

Noetta: That’s hard to say. I would think that they would try to bring Galactus into the mix, but then they would need to bring in the Silver Surfer. Can Disney/Marvel handle a story without Fantastic Four? Or will they do a reboot of some sort to get the storyline in place? I’d definitely like to see them try.


Other Predictions?

Noetta: There’s an online prediction that Jeremy Renner will show up as Ronin instead of Hawkeye. I’d love to see a tie in to Agents of SHIELD. The show’s story arc has aliens arriving on Friday! At least get Phil Coulson in there!

Leona: Captain Marvel in the stinger- that’s my guess. It’d be cool if the stones somehow help get the original Wasp back from sub-atomic space in Ant Man & The Wasp.

Erin: I think we’ll meet Captain Marvel in this film, maybe at the very end. And I believe that half of humanity (maybe even half of the Avengers) will be sucked into the Soul Stone by Thanos’ infinity gauntlet.



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