2019 was an incredible year for pop culture. With insane new highs (like the newest film to be titled the box office king) to some terrible lows. 2020 opens up a whole new world of possibilities with our entertainment. It’s really exciting. Some of us here at Geek Girl Authority have a couple ideas as to how things are going to go this year. So get your theory hats on and dive into the well of prospects with us.

Right out of the gate Leona Laurie has some fierely bold and awesome opinions on what she thinks the new year will have:

Wonder Woman 84 will be so much better than Black Widow that it will make me sad. Because I’m team MCU, but Patty Jenkins is playing for DCEU & she plays to WIN. And I love her.
Strong women on screen will generate so much $$$ that more projects fronted by and directed by women will be greenlit. Unfortunately, Hollywood won’t learn the whole lesson and the number of women employed on big budget pictures will still be dwarfed by the number of men. Progress, but not equity.
Fast 9 will be kind of boring because Vin Diesel without Paul Walker = more dialogue and fewer problems solved with cars, but it’ll still be the most diverse big budget movie of the year and hella fun.
Disneyland Resort will break a million records for profit and attendance between the opening of Rise of the Resistance and Avengers Campus.
Sam Heughan will be announced as the next James Bond
Encore! will get a second season. I love it so much.
This will be the final season of NCIS.
This summer’s Ghostbusters reboot will not be quite as good as the next season of Stranger Things, but it’ll still be fun.
The Oscars will have their worst ratings yet and maybe finally realize that #oscarssowhite and #oscarssomale equals #oscarsirrelevant

Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson)

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Roberto Vernezobre also has some bold predictions he’s seeing in the new year:
George Lucas directs a Star Wars film.
Climate change is the star of horror films.
There will be several movies about the Trump Presidency.
Lady Gaga joins the EGOT club.
A movie will be made with a cast of all dead actors.
Nobody cares about the MCU anymore so Iron Man returns.
Director George Lucas

Meanwhile Julia Roth has one strong prediction that’s looking very likely this year:
I think we are finally going to get an upgrade to the Nintendo Switch. Stronger, more storage and maybe even larger. This will be their shot at trying to compete with the brand new generations of consoles coming out during the holidays.
Nintendo Switch

For myself, I have a couple ideas that we could see this year:
I think that Wonder Woman will get a third film announced and it will be set in the modern age. She does best in her solo films so I can see them trying to move the timeline up faster.

Another prediction I have is that a new form of social media will emerge. It seems vague but it just feels like this could be the year in which we have another way to be social with one another.

I believe the first preview for Amazon’s Lord of the Rings series will immediately split the fandom. Some will be excited, others will be against it. 

My final prediction is that the streaming war will claim its first victim relatively quickly in the year. At the same time, the streaming sites will be making more aggressive moves to compete with theater ticket sales. Could this be the year we get a blockbuster purely on a streaming service?

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And that’s all she wrote! What are your 2020 pop culture predictions? What are you most looking forward to seeing? Let us know! 

Erin Lynch