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Stardate 95332.95

September 24, 2017

This Supplemental GGA Ready Room will cover just Star Trek: Discovery because TODAY is the premiere of  the new series. To read the standard edition GGA Ready Room, Follow this link! To find any Star Trek news on Geek Girl Authority, Click on this link!


Watch the Opening Sequence Now

Ahead of the televised premiere, CBS released the main title sequence for the show. Catch a peek below:


USS Discovery flies over New York City

With the help of Remarkable Media, CBS commissioned the ‘flight’ of the titular ship as an advertising stunt for tonight’s premiere. CNET details the flight as a visual effect of LED lights on a truss flown under a Black Hawk helicopter. Watch the flight below:


CBS All Access Extras

As GGA reported earlier in the day, CBS All Access, the streaming service that will carry ST:Discovery, will have more than just the first episode tonight – there will be TWO episodes AND an after-show, After Trek. After Trek will be streamed live and viewers can interact via Twitter with the hashtag #AfterTrek.


Red Blue Carpet Premiere

On September 19th, ST:Discovery had its red carpet premiere. CBS live-streamed the red carpet from their Facebook page. Check out photos below, courtesy of CBS:

Star Trek Discovery Red Carpet Premiere Sonequa Martin-Green Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols & Sonequa Martin-Green

Star Trek Discovery Red Carpet Premiere Nichelle Nichols

Nichelle Nichols

Star Trek Discovery Red Carpet Premiere Anthony Rapp Wilson Cruz

Anthony Rapp & Wilson Cruz

Star Trek Discovery Red Carpet Premiere James MacKinnon Kenneth Mitchell Clare McConnell Mary Chieffo Glenn Hetrick Neville Page

James MacKinnon, Kenneth Mitchell, Clare McConnell, Mary Chieffo, Glenn Hetrick, Neville Page

Star Trek Discovery Red Carpet Premiere Sam Vartholomeo

Sam Vartholomeo

Star Trek Discovery Red Carpet Premiere Bjo John Trimble

Bjo & John Trimble



Reactions of the ST:Discovery Premiere

See what the stars and celebrities have to say about ST:Discovery!




Behind the Scenes Videos


Boldly Go On Your Way

This wraps up this week’s special Supplemental GGA Ready Room! Thank you for joining us as we explore a look at the premiere of Star Trek: Discovery. Tune in tonight to CBS at 8:30 EDT to see the first episode and download the CBS All Access app to catch the rest of the new season. Until next time, boldly go on your way, in your own way, and report back your findings.

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