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Stardate 95523.22 through 95542.37

December 03, 2017 – December 09, 2017

Welcome to the twenty-second edition of GGA Ready Room! Let’s take a look at what Star Trek news we missed last week, shall we? As a reminder: the standard date for the post will be shown in the title but the week being recapped (December 03 through December 09 in this case) will be shown in the main header in Stardate format as calculated by Star Trek:Online – this calculator will be used since there is not a standard format across all the television shows and feature films and it is easily accessible.


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In the News: What did we miss?

Were there any juicy tidbits that GGA did not feature this week? Find it here!


A Look Back This Week in Star Trek History

What episodes of what shows aired this time in history? What movies were released? If these are questions you constantly ask, you’ll find the answer here!

  • ST:TNG, Season 2, Episode 3, “Elementary, Dear Data”, December 3, 1988
  • ST:Enterprise, Season 4, Episode 9, “Kir’Shara”, December 3, 2004
  • ST:TOS, Season 3, Episode 12, “The Empath”, December 6, 1968
  • Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, December 6, 1991
  • ST:Voyager, Season 7, Episode 8, “Nightingale”, December 6, 2000
  • Star Trek: The Motion Picture, December 7, 1979
  • ST:TOS, Season 1, Episode 13, “The Conscience of the King”, December 8, 1966
  • ST:TOS, Season 2, Episode 12, “The Deadly Years”, December 8, 1967
  • ST:Voyager, Season 5, Episode 9, “Thirty Days”, December 9, 1998



Mixed Media

Whether it be fan art, a mash-up music video, music from the series, game related news, or just recently discovered concept art, below you will find all the arts of Star Trek from this week.

  • Typically, when someone intentionally says “Trek Wars”, they are  not taking the time to learn the greatness that each franchise, Star Trek and Star Wars, has to offer (or are trying to rile up the fanboy rage that lives in many of the cult-like followers). YouTuber Jacob Z. Huller, however, took the time to create a trailer for “Trek Wars”, an epic (fan-made) sci-fi crossover between Star Trek and Star Wars. The plot is quite simple: Emperor Palpatine/Darth Sidious and Darth Vader maneuver the Death Star through the galaxy, leaving a wake of destruction in their path, with their final destination being Earth. The Federation, led by Captain Kirk in the USS Enterprise, fight alongside the rogue Han Solo and the Rebellion for freedom from the Empire. Using clips from the Star Wars movies and various episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, Jacob – YouTube handle CaptainJZH – has brought forth a most compelling “who would win: Trek or Wars” response. Watch the full two and half minute clip below and tell us what you think:

  • The next Star Trek: Discovery novel has been announced! Star Trek: Discovery: Fear Itself, published by Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, will be written by James Swallow. Swallow has written for Trek before, penning short stories and working on two episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. The book, focusing on Lieutenant Saru, will be released June 5, 2018, and will retail for $16USD. The synopsis is below and check back later for the cover reveal.

Lieutenant Saru is a Kelpien, a member of a prey species born on a world overrun by monstrous predators…and a being who very intimately understands the nature of fear. Challenged on all sides, he is determined to surpass his origins and succeed as a Starfleet officer aboard the U.S.S. Shenzhou. But when Saru breaks protocol in order to prove himself to his crewmates, what begins as a vital rescue mission to save a vessel in distress soon escalates out of control. Forced into a command role he may not be ready for, Saru is caught between his duty and the conflicting agendas of two antagonistic alien races. To survive, he will need to seek a path of peace against all odds, and risk compromising the very ideals he has sworn to uphold…. 


Convention Circuit: News and More

I’m breaking this out of the above segment, What have our favorite Star Trek players been up to?, because there have been so many conventions pop up that I am worried about things getting too crowded.

[UPCOMING]  Destination Star Trek: Germany 2018 (April 27 – 29) & Destination Star Trek: Birmingham 2018 (October 19 – 21)

  • William Shatner (Captain James T. Kirk, ST:TOS) joins next year’s Destination Star Trek: Germany Destination Star Trek: Birmingham, Europe’s Official Star Trek Convention. Shatner joins previously announced guests Jonathan Frakes (Commander William T. Riker, ST:TNG), former NASA astronaut Fred Haise (Apollo 13 and Commander of the Enterprise), Mary Chieffo (L’Rell, ST:Discovery), Kenneth Mitchel (Kol, ST:Discovery), Terry Farrell (Lieutenant Commander Jadzia Dax, ST:DS9), Nichole de Boer (Lieutenant Ezri Dax, ST:DS9), Camille Saviola (Kai Opaka, ST:DS9), and Ira Steven Behr (producer), For the Love of Spock producer David ZapponeMarina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi, ST:TNG), Michael Dorn (Lieutenant Commander Worf, ST:TNG/ST:DS9), Rene Auberjonois (Odo, ST:DS9), Walter Koenig (Chekov, ST:TOS), Nana Visitor (Major Kira, ST:DS9), Armin Shimerman (Quark, ST:DS9), Linda Park (Hoshi Sato, ST:Enterprise), Cirroc Lofton (Jake Sisko, ST:DS9), Max Grodenchik (Rom, ST:DS9), and Aron Eisenberg (Nog, ST:DS9).


Official Federation Sanctioned Events

If you are lucky enough to live near enough, one of the following events coming up this month may be of interest to you. If you do attend, take pictures and let us know how it went!

  • May 21, 2016 – September 30, 2018 – Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds in Seattle, Washington. This event is an exhibition showcasing the impact that Star Trek has had on every day life from culture and arts to technology and even sports.
  • May 02, 2017 – December 16, 2017 – Star Trek Original Series Set Tour in Ticonderoga, New York. Relive the days of 1960’s Captain Kirk with the set of the show that started it all.
  • October 28, 2017 – May 28, 2018 – Starfleet Academy Experience in Jersey City, New Jersey. The interactive exhibit resides inside the Liberty Science Center and allows fans to get a feel for the life of a Starfleet Cadet. Attendees begin at orientation, learn what is required to be in science, engineering, medical, and command, and end with graduation. The exhibit includes the real-life science behind the show, including the science developed or inspired by Star Trek.
  • January 05, 2018 – January 17, 2018 – Star Trek: The Cruise II in Miami, Florida. Two cruises, each 6 days long, are set to sail from Miami to the Caribbean with various Star Trek stars and themed events. 



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Boldly Go On Your Way

This wraps up this week’s GGA Ready Room! Thank you for joining us as we explore the universe of Star Trek, one week at a time. If I missed anything, please let me know and it’ll be included in next week’s news round up! Until next time, boldly go on your way, in your own way, and report back your findings.


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