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Stardate 95810.38

March 18, 2018

Welcome to the final edition of GGA Ready Room! The most recent editions, the 33rd, 34th, and 35th editions, covering the span from Stardate 95733.89 through Stardate 95791.35, were tragically lost; two were corrupted in a serious data breach (a lower deck member did not follow Commander Worf’s direction) and one was lost in a shuttle accident during the writer’s return from vacation on Risa before the PADD could be logged into the main computer (don’t be alarmed, the author is fine). With the computer still reeling from glitches caused by an ancient twenty-first century ransomware attack,  the holodeck and this Ready Room simulation must be taken offline. Below are the last available reports pieced together from the missing editions and data collected from the archives. 


Featured Summary


What have our favorite Star Trek players been up to?

  • Robert Picardo, who played the holographic Doctor on ST:Voyager, has teamed up with Bill Nye and Intel for a new project: a video series on Artificial Intelligence, or AI. Picardo uses this month’s The Planetary Post (a monthly video podcast for The Planetary Society) to make the big announcement. Watch the video below and see the cool new tech being developed for future extra-planetary exploration, including PlanetVac and a video montage of SpaceX‘s Falcon Heavy test launch. Picardo & Nye’s untitled video series will launch some time in March.


Mixed Media

Whether it be fan art, a mash-up music video, music from the series, game related news, or just recently discovered concept art, below you will find all the arts of Star Trek from this week.

  • The Saturn Awards nominations are out! The Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films’ 44th annual Saturn Awards is set for June and the nominations were announced on March 15, 2018. Star Trek: Discovery received five nominations: 
    • Best New Media Television Series (Star Trek: Discovery)
    • Best Actress on a Television Series (Sonequa Martin-Green)
    • Best Actor on a Television Series (Jason Isaacs)
    • Best Supporting Actor on a Television Series (Doug Jones)
    • Best Guest-Starring Performance on a Television Series (Michelle Yeoh)
  • The fine folks over at Thinkgeek not only sell Star Trek tikis (among others), they have released a recipe video for the Star Trek: The Next Generation tikis! Take a look below and find inspiration to fill your glass this spring break! Which one sounds amazing to you? I think I’m going to have a little Courage of Kahless after work…. (Although, thanks to Guinan, according to Worf, prune juice is the true drink of a warrior.)

  • The one-hour documentary continuing Leonard Nimoy‘s COPD awareness campaign, Remembering Leonard Nimoy, will be released for purchase on iTunes this spring in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. The documentary originally aired on PBS and includes interviews with Nimoy’s children, Julie and Adam, wife Susan, stepson Aaron and his grandchildren. All will share stories and memories alongside interviews with Nimoy’s doctors and some COPD experts. See the trailer below and stay tuned for release date information.



Convention Circuit: News and More

I’m breaking this out of the above segment, What have our favorite Star Trek players been up to?, because there have been so many conventions pop up that I am worried about things getting too crowded.

[UPCOMING]  WonderCon (March 23 – 25)

UPCOMING]  Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 (August 01 – 05)

  • Star Trek Las Vegas 2018 now has 75 guests confirmed for the August convention! The newly announced guests include Michael Forest (Apollo, ST:TOS), Famke Janssen (Kamala, ST:TNG), Jeffrey Combs (Commander Shran, ST:Enterprise), Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim, ST:Voyager), Ronald D. Moore (Producer, ST:TNG, ST:DS9, ST:Voyager), and Casey Biggs (Damar, ST:DS9). Read the full list of attendees HERE. Previously announced, Saturday night will have a concert by Nevada Pops Orchestra with Gary Graham‘s The Sons of Kirk as the house band.

[UPCOMING]  Star Trek: The Cruise III (January 04 – 11, 2019)


Official Federation Sanctioned Events

If you are lucky enough to live near enough, one of the following events coming up this month may be of interest to you. If you do attend, take pictures and let us know how it went!

  • May 21, 2016 – September 30, 2018 – Star Trek: Exploring New Worlds in Seattle, Washington. This event is an exhibition showcasing the impact that Star Trek has had on every day life from culture and arts to technology and even sports.
  • October 28, 2017 – May 28, 2018 – Starfleet Academy Experience in Jersey City, New Jersey. The interactive exhibit resides inside the Liberty Science Center and allows fans to get a feel for the life of a Starfleet Cadet. Attendees begin at orientation, learn what is required to be in science, engineering, medical, and command, and end with graduation. The exhibit includes the real-life science behind the show, including the science developed or inspired by Star Trek.


En Memorium 

Red shirts are not the only crew members lost in Star Trek. We pay our respects to the following men and women that served their time with Starfleet, the Federation, or touched some form of the Star Trek universe:

  • David Ogden Stiers is a name – or voice, rather – that should be familiar to many. In addition to his guest role on Star Trek: The Next Generation as Dr. Timicin, Lwaxana Troi’s (Majel Barrett) doomed beau, Stiers played Major Charles Winchester on M*A*S*H and voiced a generation of Disney and English-dubbed anime: Cogsworth in the animated Beauty and the Beast; Governor Ratcliffe and Wiggins in Pocahontas, Archdeacon in The Hunchback of Notre Dame; Dr. Jumba Jookiba in Lilo & Stitch; Grandpa Piccolo in Porco Rosso; Kamaji in Spirited Away; and he even voiced the narrator for Winnie the Pooh. While Stiers has many more credits to his name, the fact remains that his passing leaves a hole in the world beyond Star Trek. David Ogden Stiers succumbed to bladder cancer on March 3, 2018, at the age of 75.
David Ogden Stiers and Majel Barrett in Star Trek: The Next Generation

David Ogden Stiers and Majel Barrett in Star Trek: The Next Generation

  • Star Trek lost a legendary director this past week. In addition to a combined 14 episodes between Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, Robert Scheerer directed episodes of Gilligan’s Island, Hawaii Five-O, The Love Boat, and Matlock, among many others. Before his directorial debut, Scheerer was often an uncredited member of the cast in television and film throughout the 1940s. The Emmy Award winning director was born December 28, 1929, and passed away on March 3, 2018, of natural causes at the age of 88.
Robert Scheerer, Directors Guild of America

Robert Scheerer, Directors Guild of America

  • Professor Stephen Hawking guest starred on an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation as himself in holographic form. The theoretical physicist was an avid Star Trek fan and would go on to be referenced in several more episodes, even having a few ships named in his honor. Aside from his extensive work on black holes and gravity and studying the universe, Hawking took time to guest star in The Simpsons, Futurama, and The Big Bang Theory. Hawking passed peacefully on March 14, 2018, at the age of 76. See GGA’s tribute to the professor HERE.
Remembering Stephen Hawking Cover Getty Images-John Phillips

Stephen Hawking | Getty Images, John Phillips




Boldly Go On Your Way

This wraps up GGA Ready Room! Thank you for joining us as we explored the universe of Star Trek, one week at a time. Until next time, boldly go on your way, in your own way, and report back your findings.

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