Damion Poitier has done it all.  From ghostbusting at Universal Studios to appearing as the original MCU Thanos in The Avengers and most recently shining bright as Goldface in The Flash, Poitier is living the dream.  

I had chance to talk to Damion about his career, his origins, and the time honored question: Marvel or DC?

Noetta Harjo: Hi Damion, let’s start by introducing you.  Where are you from and when did you start acting?

Damion Poitier: I’m not at liberty to discuss my Origin… They said something about inter-dimensional temporal paradoxes, and cascade causalities… I think I’ve said too much already, but let’s “say” I was born in Philadelphia. Yeah, let’s go with that and say I “grew up” in a town called Natick a suburb of Boston.

I’ve been performing since a very young age. School plays and all that. I realized early in that Acting was the Only way I’d be able to possibly pursue/portray all of the things that interested me.

NH: I heard you were a Ghostbuster at Universal Studios in Florida. 

DP: I did, I totally deny any and all responsibility for the string of “bad luck” that befell Ecto-one during that time… Okay I claim three events.

NH: LOL Was that fun? Did you get to play any other characters at the park?

DP:  It was fun. Ghostbusters was always one of my favorite movies (lost a little luster when I heard the Zeddemore Nerfing) but getting to wander around universal pester guests and hear kids Scream with glee (but seriously how did kids under 12 know who the Ghostbusters were?) was Amazing. 

 I also had the honor of inhabiting  the Armor of Doom at Island of Adventures when it first opened. That was good times all around, well until I started to think in character… story for another time.

NH: LOL, Okay, we’ll save that for later. What was the impetus for your move from Florida to Los Angeles?

DP: Florida was always planned as a stopover I wanted to see if I actually had the Stuff to make a run at an entertainment career. Still trying to figure that out.

NH: I’d say you have ‘the Stuff.’  You’ve appeared in quite a few genre projects, 6 episodes of True Blood, several episodes of Charmed, you’ve been in more than one MCU film and Star Trek.

DP: You wonder when I adopted the Geek Lyfe?

NH: Exactly, what is it that you enjoy the most?

DP:  I was born into Genre, Moulded by it. By the time I was shown the mundanity of so called reality… I was already a man.  My enjoyment depends on my mood. I’m an ardent fan of them all.

NH: I’ve read that you are a huge comic book fan.  That being said, you gave us our first look at Thanos in the The Avengers post-credits scene and you looked amazing. First, how excited were you to do that? 

DP:  I was more horrified than excited. I had to keep my mouth shut till the damned movie came out, lol.

NH: LOL, that is a huge secret to keep.  How long was the process to get to the final look?

DP: Bout four hours from Damion in skivies to Mad Titan.

NH:  From Marvel to DC.  You recently appeared on as Goldface in The Flash episode, “Goldfaced.”  How familiar were you with The Flash television show and comic book before you got the role?  

DP: Very familiar with both. Amusingly enough however that particular character had escaped my notice, and I can get into some Deep Cuts comic wise…

NH: How would you describe Goldface’s meta power?  

Different in the show than the book.

In the show he seems to have Arumokenisis (yeah I just made that up) and a sub dermal coating of enhanced gold. Super strength and durability… not sure what else they have planned but if they ask me I have a few ideas…

NH: The criminal underworld of The Flash is pretty lucrative. The savvy business men and women have popped more than once in the series.  Any chance we’ll see Goldface return to Central City this season?

DP: He is still alive…

NH: Yes, he is.  I’m hoping to see him again soon.

Just curious, now that you’ve appeared in both universes, which do you prefer, DC or Marvel?

DP: I love them both… I’m classically a Marvel Zombie but I’m a huge fan of DCTV and animated stuff.

NH: You’ve also got an impressive resume as a stunt actor. How did you get into stunt acting? What kind of training do you have?

DP: I trained immersively in Martial Arts and did some gymnastics training in hopes of building my action chops for film work… I had no idea it would be my way into professional screen work. Stunt training is kind of amazing because it’s really learning a lot of cool eclectic skills you won’t find combined in any individual outside of stunts that isn’t a mercenary or military operator. You also in some instances get on the job training for specific gags that are original or you are perfect for. 

NH: Where can we see some your best stunt work?

DP: Well if you see me I’m doing it wrong…

NH: Touche!  LOL.  Ok, so who are some of your acting influences?

DP: My influences are really role specific. I find a couple of actors who really impressed me with a character interpretation and meld them into my version of the one before me.

NH: In a time of reboots, remakes and revivals, is there a specific role that you’d liked to revive? 

DP: Yes and no. I love so many old shows but to truly bring them into the modern diaspora the changes you would have to make would render them unrecognizable. So I’m more of a rename and refresh kind of guy ala Point Break- Fast and the Furious. That being said I would Love to play Dr. Miles Hawkins were they to revitalize that franchise.

NH: Why Dr. Miles Hawkins?  Is M.A.N.T.I.S. a favorite movie? 

DP: A barely explored previously existing universe? In this climate? It begs to be redone. Not sure it’s a favorite so much as it is fertile unexplored territory…

NH: What are you working on now?  

DP: I’d love to be able to talk about my current work, unfortunately they make you sign your life away until they have their marketing ducks in a row.

On a personal level I’m always working at writing, currently have several prose, comic, TV and Film projects I am chipping away at. Nothing to announce at present but I’m hoping to get into that position soon.

NH: This is all for now. Thank you so much for your time.  

DP: Preciate!

Damion is a man of many talents. I’m sure we’ll see his face again sometime soon.  Until then you can find Damion on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler, Instagram and at IMDB

Thanks again Damion!!



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