Reservation Dogs is coming to FX! Created by Oscar winner Taika Waititi and Sterlin Harjo, the show was among the slew of announcements today at the Disney Investor Day. Disney announced over 100 shows and movies for franchises like Star Wars, Marvel, FX and National Geographic. The announcement was made public on Disney’s Twitter page.

Disney Investor Day announces Reservation Dogs at FX

Disney officially announces Reservation Dogs in development at FX via Twitter

The show is about four Native teens living on an Indian reservation in Oklahoma, spending their days committing petty crimes … and fighting them. It’s loosely based on Harjo’s childhood growing up in Oklahoma, mixed with some elements of Waititi’s Maori upbringing. Harjo directed the pilot, filmed back in September in Oklahoma. There is no official cast list yet, however Kawennáhere Devery Jacobs is in the unofficial cast photo. Hmmm …

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Waititi is currently working on a lot of things. Disney also announced he is working on a brand new Star Wars feature to which Waititi replied on Twitter, ‘What?’. Harjo continues to create independent films. His latest, Love and Fury is currently making the festival round. 

Reservation Dogs is one of three upcoming television shows about Natives, written and directed by Native creatives and starring Indigenous actors. Sierra Ornelas and Ed HelmsRutherford Falls will stream on the Peacock Network. Michael Greyeyes and Jana Schmieding are among that cast. Bird Runningwater is collaborating with Ava DuVernay on Sovereign, an Indigenous family drama for NBC. No word on the cast list for that one yet. But there are plenty of Indigenous actor for all of these shows and I’m excited to see who shows up!

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Reservation Dogs is officially in development at the FX network.





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