Dungeons and Dragons 5E has become such a worldwide phenomenon over the last few years. So it is no surprise that there are so many different adventures players can partake in. The ones that come directly from Wizards of the Coast are fantastic, but I promise you there are several, several more. The Demonplague is one of those adventures. It was written by James Introcaso and Johnn Four for adventurers level 1 to 20 and spans across four modules. While it is amazing to play the whole way through, you can also use some of the adventures or scenarios in your home-brew game. This adventure tackles three different types of Dungeons and Dragons game play including dungeon diving, a point to point story line with a sandbox feel. This is a rather tall order to fill but they manage to do this well.

While the adventure is meant to be dropped into any existing game setting, it does not lack backstory or enough information to be a stand alone setting. There are a few different hooks the dungeon master can use to get the players into this adventure and keep them invested. Aside from just the adventure modules, The Demonplague includes all the extra bits you need to run the game. The map cartography used throughout was done by Craig Judd and the battle maps are based on original work done by Dyson Logos. What I really enjoyed was the bonus NPC art illustrated by Randy M. These are great to print out and share with your fellow players so they have a feel for exactly who they are facing. If you are more of a descriptive dungeon master you can always use the art as guides for your descriptions.

The story follows your traditional evil necromancer who returns to take over after being awakened by a comet that crashed into the valley. Each module builds on the last and does a great job of bringing each type of game play together. While you are out exploring and taking care of different tasks for the people of Tomar’s Village, a political battle is being held that players can help sway. Then they work to help stop a ritual, kill the big bad guys and become heroes. There is more than enough material in this tome to keep everyone entertained for what could be a few years. The only thing I found to be a bit daunting with this whole adventure is that sometimes there is a lot to sift through. For new dungeon masters this adventure is not something I would recommend. However those with some experience will find this to be an amazing adventure to bring to the table.

The Demonplague can be purchased here on DriveThruRPG as a PDF for $39. You can also pick up a softcover for $65 or hardcover for $75 in the same place. If you are curious how this plays check out the live play on Don’t Split The Podcast’s Twitch channel or catch up on previous episodes on their YouTube channel. The group is dungeon mastered by author James Introcaso who leads Rudy Basso, Lauren Urban, TK Joshnon, and Robert Adducci on this great adventure. If you pick up this adventure for your next Dungeons and Dragons campaign, let me know how you like it!

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Four different covers for each Demonplague module covers

The covers of the four Demonplague modules.



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